Keeping Quiet Summary, Difficult Words & Explanation | Keeping Quiet Question Answers Class 12

keeping quiet summary

The poem is composed by one of the finest poets, Pablo Neruda. The poem gives great value to meditation and self-introspection that helps a person to understand himself very deeply. Check out –  Keeping Quiet Summary, Difficult Words, MCQs and Stanza wise Explanation as well as a free video lecture 1. About the Poet Pablo … Read more

Deep Water Summary, Long and Short Q/A, Difficult Words | Deep Water Class 12 by William Douglas

deep water summary

In this post on Deep Water, We would be discussing the writer, theme,  Long Question Answers, Short Question Answers, the Deep Water Summary, Difficult Words 1.About the Writer William Orville Douglas was born on Oct. 16th, 1898  in Maine Township, Minnesota ( U. S).  He taught for two years in the high school of Yakima.  … Read more

Lost Spring Summary, Short Q. Answers & Difficult Words | Lost Spring Class 12 Stories of Stolen Childhood

The story Lost Spring is originally taken from “Stories of Stolen.” This book is also written by Anees Jung. Check out- Lost Spring Summary, Explanation, and Difficult words and MCQs Online Test Lost Spring Summary MCQs Get  Online MCQs Test Complete Poetry Section Term I : (Click Here) 1.About the Writer She was born in … Read more

The Last Lesson Summary, Difficult words | The Last Lesson Class 12 Ncert Solutions

the last lesson summary

The Last Lesson is set in the days of Franco Prussian War (1870-71) in which France was defeated by Prussia (Part of Germany) led by Bismarck. The chapter is based on the importance of language.  Check out – The Last Lesson Summary, Difficult words, MCQs and Video Lectures 1. About the Writer Alphonse Daudet was … Read more