Lost Spring Summary, Short Q. Answers & Difficult Words | Lost Spring Class 12 Stories of Stolen Childhood

The story Lost Spring is originally taken from “Stories of Stolen.” This book is also written by Anees Jung. Check out- Lost Spring Summary, Explanation, and Difficult words and MCQs Online Test Lost Spring Summary MCQs Get  Online MCQs Test Complete Poetry Section Term I : (Click Here) 1.About the Writer She was born in … Read more

Parts of Speech Examples for all Classes

parts of speech examples

Let’s start this discussion on parts of speech examples        Parts of  Speech (शब्द – भेद) (भाषा का खंडन) There are 8 parts of Speech 1.Noun (संज्ञा): The noun is the name of anything.     किसी भी वस्तु के नाम को संज्ञा कहते है।   OR A Word having a name is called … Read more