About Us:

About Us:

Sir Pawan KumarPurpose of English fun

We,  ‘RCI Academy Team’ always welcome those learners who are truly serious and focused in their life. We all are students until we don’t deny learning anything new.

The word Intelligent or dull is connected to a single domain that is your smart work. As you grow your learning time, the fruit will be tasteful.

Never hesitate to do any good decision and once the decision is taken make it done. This formula will always make you “Sikandar”

Success is the game of changing in the thought process.
Quoted By- Sir Pawan Sir

Who is Sir Pawan Kumar?

Sir Pawan Kumar is an educator, Youtuber, Blogger and Content Creator. He has been serving and empowering the students since 2014.

His vision is to bring revolution in the field of online education. He is a ‘desi guy’ from a small village in the Deoghar District (Jharkhand).

He has done his B. Ed. ( Bachelor of Education) from N.P Teachers’ College, Cheera Chas, Bokaro (Jharkhand) and M. A in English from IGNOU.

He is a man of true heart who is very simple in nature and twice strict in his work.

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Why did I Choose Blogging?

Like many students, I also had also a desire to crack a reputed Job in S.S.C or Banking. I prepared for those examinations but left after few months. I had known the truth that a single 9 to 5 job can’t fulfil my dreams.

I started teaching Literature and  Spoken English to  College going students because of my inherited passion for teaching. I completely involved myself in offline teaching activities ignoring the potential of online teaching.

I had a good hike in my profession but the Pandemic- Corona Virus taught me a great lesson. I started shifting my classes online and took an oath to make it worldwide successful.

My Vision

I feel very sad inside when I see a student fail in life. The education which is given in our school and college seems to be useless later in life.

No school or college pays attention to skill development which plays a major role in generating educated unemployed. We are told to have a job as our innate right.

Home, society and relatives like to see us as government servants but it is impossible to provide jobs to the growing population in our country.

I want the youth of our country not to feel weak when they fail in a job, but to generate employment for themselves and many unemployed candidates with the help of the Internet and technology. I promise to give my full contribution to making this effort a success.

With Best Regards

Your Sir Pawan Kumar

Jai Hind