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In this article, we will discuss Report Writing Class 12’s format, examples, topics, samples and types. You can also attempt an online mcq test to judge your exam preparation.

The report is a formal way of writing and the person concerned is the witness of the event. It can be written by an individual or an organized body.

Report Writing Class 12, 11th, 10th and 9th Online Test


Format of a Newspaper Report

  1. Headline/Title: The headline or title of the report must be at the top. It should be short and eye-catching.
  2. By Line: It is to be mentioned just below the report title in the right-hand corner. Many students prefer to write it in the middle or left-hand corner.
  3. Place and Date: Then, we mention the place and date of the event.
  4. The report must be written in the past tense.
  5. The event must be in chronological sequence.

(CBSE) Mark Distribution in Report Writing

Format (Heading and Name of the Reporter)01 mark
Collection of ideas01 mark
Content Writing 02 marks
Spelling and grammar Check01 mark
Total5 marks

Report Writing Video Lecture

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1. You are Navya or Nilesh reading in D.P.S Public School, Sec -4 Bokaro. Write a report on the election scene for your school magazine in not more than 150 words.

A Report on Election Scene

By – Harsh

Bokaro, Nov. 25, 2019: It was one of the most exciting days in our family. Everyone was busy finding their identification card like Aadhar card, voter id card etc to get a proper correction in name and address.

It was the time of the Member of Parliament Election that was going to be held in Oct. 2014. The whole state was running under of code of conduct. The election was to be completed in 6 steps. All the parties were busy in the election campaign. The candidate of the party was visiting door to door and making several promises to the public to win the election.

The people gathered at the tea- stall in the evening and morning to talk positive and negative aspects of the parties. Some people were criticizing the present government and asked the people to vote against him. The day of the election came.

The voters went to their respective booths for casting their votes. The election started early at 6 A.M in the presence of police inspectors and polling officers. The people stood in the queue to give their valuable votes. Everyone held their election receipt and voter id card. There was good management of security from the side of the Superintendant of Police. The police were alert during the election time. The election closed by 5 P.M. It was a successful day.

2. your school has organised a blood donation camp at the school campus to collect blood. You are Nandan or Neha, an editor of your school magazine. Write a report for your school magazine giving the details of the event.

A  Report on Blood Donation Camp


Bokaro, Feb. 09, 2019:   It was one of the best days of my life in school. There was organised a blood donation camp to help the victims of Uttrakhand.  There were almost 200 students to donate blood who had come from different colleges in our city. Some were young and some were middle-aged people. There was the proper arrangement.  Five doctors and ten nursing staff were managed from the Red Cross Unit of the city to collect blood. There was an ambulance for any emergency case. Blood donors were given fruits, juice, and milk after donating the blood. They were also given a certificate of appreciation to encourage them for such a noble cause. Our local M.L.A. was the guest of the day who also donated blood and inaugurated the programme.   Many volunteers were there to help the blood donors.  There was good discipline maintained between doctors and donors. The programme had been conducted successfully without any harm. At last, Our Principal and doctors thanked everyone for their cooperation to make this programme successful. I came back home at 6 o’clock in the evening. It was really an exciting day of my life.                                                                           

Report Writing MCQs

1. A report  is an

  1. Informational work
  2. Technical work
  3. Professional work
  4. None of these

2. Report is a ……

d. Resume

3. A report should be written in…

(a) Sequential manner
(b) Irregular manner
(c) Horizontal manner
(d) Regular Manner

4. What is written at the start of a report?

(a) Key Features
(b) Introduction
(c) Title
(d) Conclusion

5. What is mentioned in the by line of the report?

  1. Name of the newspaper
  2. Date and place of the event
  3. Heading of the Report
  4.  Name of the reporter

6. Report is to be written in ………………………..

  1. present
  2. past
  3. future
  4. all

7. Reporting of an event is done as……………

  1. First-hand information
  2. Second-hand information
  3. Third-hand information
  4. Fourth hand information

8. What important skill does a person need to write a report?

  1. Crowd handling skill
  2. Standing skill
  3. Communication skill
  4. NOT

9. The length of an ideal report should be……..

(a) 13 pages
(b) 1-3 pages                
(c) 1/5-page
(d) full page

10. Report  by an individual should be written in :

(a) First person
(b) Last person            
(c) Both a and b
(d) NOT

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Report Writing Class 12 Answer Sheet

2. A1. A10. A
3. A6. B
4. C7. A
4.C8. C
5.D9. B

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