Application for the Job for Class 11 and 12| Application for Job Vacancy, Topics, Formats, Examples

application for the job

In this article, We will come to know the formats, topics and examples of Application for the Job. Such type of application is written for job purposes. Application for the Job Format Sender’s Address Date Receiver’s Address Sub:  Application for the Post of ………………………………………. Sir/Madam,       In response to your advertisement in the (Newspaper Name) of … Read more

Format of Informal Letter for All Classes| Informal Letter

format of informal letter

An informal letter is a letter that is generally written to a friend, family member or a dear one. Such letters are meant for informal discussions. It is also known as a personal letter.In this article, we will see format of informal letter, samples and many examples.  Format of Informal Letter Sender’s Address Date Dear…………………. … Read more

Notice Writing Format and Examples | Notice Writing Class 12 Topics and Exercises

notice writing

Notice Writing Format and Examples  Notice is a piece of writing that is generally shown on the bulletin of school, college and other institutions. Tips for  Notice Writing The name of the school or college must be placed at the top in capital letter. The word, “NOTICE” is to be written in the second next … Read more

Format of Article, Topics and Examples| Format of Article Writing Class 12 CBS

format of article

An article is a piece of rich information that has a certian target to convery message to the world through magazine or newspaper. Let’s begin our post, Format of Article, Topics and Examples 1.There should be a short, clear and informative heading at the centre of the page. 2.Write the name of the person who … Read more

Format to the Letter to the Editor for All Classes | Letter to the Editor Format Class 8th,9th,10th,11th and 12th

format to the letter to the editor

In this article, we shall see the sample and format to the letter to the Editor. Format to the letter to the editor is very easy as well important for academic exams. This is a formal letter and has to be used in formal words strictly. Such letters are written focusing on social issues of … Read more

Application to the Principal for All Classes |Application to the Principal Sample in 2021

application to the principal

Application to the Principal for All Classes Writing any application becomes the easiest job when you are very much sure what and whom to write. Application is an essential part of our life that comes with the beginning of our academic life and lasts up to our job retirement. Without giving an application we can’t … Read more