The Laburnum Top MCQ for Class 11 I Class 11 the Laburnum Top MCQ

The poem, The Laburnum Top is written by Ted Huges. The beautiful poem talks about the mutual relationship of a Laburnum Tree and goldfinch which has built a nest in it. We have provided here MCQ questions with answers.. The MCQs are very important from the exam point of view. Check out – The Laburnum Top MCQ Questions with Answers and Explanation of the poem.


The Laburnum Top MCQ Questions with Answer

1. How did the bird move to the other side of the branch?

a.Like a lizard


c.Smoothly flying

2. What is described by the word ‘sleek’ in the poem?




d.Top of the tree

3.What is the dominant colour used in the poem?





4.How was the tree in the end when the bird flew away?

a.It was still alive

b.Nothing changed in the looks was death-like again                

d.None of the above

5.What happened to the bird in the end of the poem?

a.she flew away                 

b.she stayed at the tree

c.she went to other tree

d.she went to bring some food for her younger ones

6.Where did the bird vanish after feeding her young ones? the other branch the top of the tree her nest

d.behind the yellow leaves                  

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7. How did the poet describe the top of the Laburnum tree in the poem ‘The Laburnum Top’?

A. Still and Silent                       
B. Moving and Angry like
C. Silent and Motionless
D. None of the above

8. What happened to the leaves of the Laburnum tree?

a.they were green

b.turned yellow                      

c.fallen down leaves growing

9. How was the tree standing in the month of September?

a.still and death-like                

b.Alive and happy

d.still and green

10. When did the death-like tree become alive? the month of March the arrival of monsoon season the arrival of the Goldfinch bird the arrival of sparrows

11. Why did the Goldfinch bird come towards the tree? feed her young ones make a nest rest

d.None of the above

12. Where are the young ones of the  Goldfinch bird?

a.On the thickness of the branch    

b.On the top of the tree

c.on other trees

d.they were never there

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13. Why was Goldfinch’s body barely visible?

a.due to her dark-coloured yellow body    

b.because she was small

c.because of the height of the tree

d.because she was brown in colour

14. The Laburnum Top is…………..



c.Quite beautiful              


15. How does September sunlight appear?





The Laburnum Top MCQ with Answer

2. A7. A12. A
3. C8. B13. A
4. C9. A15. C
5. A10. C14.D
6. A11. A15.C

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