[15 Tips]How to Learn Speaking in English Fluently and Confidently |How to Speak English Fluently

In this article, we will come to know how to learn speaking in English fluently and confidently with the 15 simple tips. In our country, Learning English speaking is still a very tough job. Many Professionals and students face a lot of problems in their careers because of not being fluent in English speaking.

We are Indians and Hindi is our Official language. Some of us have adopted Hindi as our mother tongue. It is very good to know Hindi and respect Hindi being an Indian. But, We can’t ignore the importance of English which is the priority of this 21st Century. For Interviews, It becomes a matter of prestige to know English. Many MNCs consider the employees fool and uncivilized if they don’t know English. English gives you a perfect tongue and communication skills which helps you to enhance yourself in your job or carrier. In this article, we shall know about how to learn to speak in English.

Tips For How to Learn Speaking in English Faster

  1. A Bit of Knowledge of English Grammar: Many trainers would say that for learning spoken English it is not important to have Grammar knowledge. I agree somehow but the basics of Grammar are very important. It means that it is not compulsory to have advanced knowledge of grammar for learning Spoken English. In my recommendation, you can buy a book from any reputed writer which can help you to understand the basic rules of grammar.

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2. Listen and Act: Listening is a very important skill among four skills Listening, Speaking, Writing Reading. If you are a good listener, surely you’ll become a good speaker too. Whatever, you listen try to adopt and act upon it in your daily life.

3. Develop Vocabulary: Initially, we all think we lack speaking English because we don’t have vocabulary stock. There is no doubt to say that vocabulary matters a lot to speak fluent English but for starting to speak English it doesn’t. It will shock you but true that a person can speak English if he has at least 500 vocabulary collections. Always remember, vocabulary will not be useful until you don’t use it or know how to use it.

4. Don’t Fear Mistakes: Let’s take a look at your childhood, you’ll find that you never had fear of mistakes when you’ll learning your mother tongue even if you fumbled many times. So, never get fear to speak the English language. It of a match of practice and consistency.

5. Remove Shyness: Language is the enemy of your shyness. When you feel shy. Try to cover your shyness and win it otherwise, shyness will never bring any great achievement in your life. If you practise for it. It will silently go away for a duration of time.

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6. Regular Practice: ‘Practise makes a man perfect.’ It suits properly when you have a zeal for learning to speak English. Fix your time for the daily activities that will help you to learn to speak English. Obey it as it is your religion and everything.

7. Develop English Environment: Environment plays one of the major roles in shaping the language. Simply, you can understand if you are born in India, a Hindi-speaking family. Speaking Hindi becomes very easy for you but a boy born in any English-speaking country considers Hindi one of the toughest languages to learn and so is the case vice versa.

8. Think in English: Speaking English becomes easier if you think your sentences into English without any fear of grammar mistakes. Think in English and try speaking. This will help your tongue to taste the English language.

9. Watch English News and Movies: Watching English news and movies will help you to create an environment of English that will lead you to be a good speaker. English news and movies can also add new words and sentences to your vocabulary.

10. Learn Phrases: Phrases decorate your speech. It just adds beauty to your sentences. Learning more phrases makes you more confident to speak English.

11. Suitable Body Style: There is great importance in your gestures and postures while speaking English. This also defines that you have a good personality and body language performs your confidence level. While listening to your English speech, people also care about the expressions that are generated through your body parts. Hence, you should always keep your gestures and postures positive and an attractive smile on your face. 

12. Use Correct English While Messaging: This tip helps a lot to improve our English. We generally use message language while sending any SMS to someone which exerts a negative influence on our language. We lose our control of the English language and our mind fall into the habit of using such messaging language. Hence,  we should use correct spelling while texting someone.

13. Develop the habit of Conversion: To make spoken English better, we should always use our leisure time in conversation which creates a very thick environment and helps us to learn the language easily. We should involve ourselves in conversion either physically (sitting together) or virtually (through mobile audio calls.

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14. Regular Work on Pronunciation: When you establish control over your spoken English, It is very important to focus on pronunciation. We are born in India and hence English is always our second language and it is influenced by our first language that impacts our pronunciation too. Therefore, it is very essential to work on our pronunciation to make it next level.

15. Be optimistic: If you decide to do anything, it is sure that you will have to face many problems. Problems always indicate that you are on the right path. Learning spoken English is a journey and you have to learn to enjoy the process of this journey until and unless you do not get command over it. Always be motivated and follow the process without any care about the result.

How to Learn Speaking in English FAQs

Q. How can I improve my English speaking?

a.Focus on Grammar a bit: It is well said that speaking English does not require perfect grammar but it is also true that without grammar there is no existence of spoken English.

b.Read English newspaper: Reading a newspaper helps us to add new vocabulary and corrects our pronunciation.

c.Conversation in English: Always try to build a rich environment among your dears. Try to talk with them either physically or via mobile audio or video call.

d.Learn daily use sentences: Always try to learn new practical sentences on daily basis.

How can I learn English speaking at home?

a.Speak before the mirror: Practising English before the mirror makes you more confident in English.
b.Conference call or Video call: Call your friend and talk with them in English. It will bring fluency to your speaking.
c.Watch English news or movies: You can watch English news or movies as per your interest. It helps to create an English-rich environment.
d.Read newspaper: Reading a newspaper will improve pronunciation as well as add many new vocabularies.

How can I practice talking?

you can read any newspaper, magazine or book as well as take the help of many English-speaking apps that is already available on the google play store and app store.

How can I speak fluently?

You can only bring fluency in your English when you love speaking English. Always involve yourself in English debates, conversations and many more such activities that give you chance to speak in English.

Which app is best for Spoken English?

b.Duolingo: Learn English Free
c.Cake: Learn English for Free

d.Hello Talk
e.Enguru English learning app
f.Spoken English Guru app

What is the first step to learning English?

a.Focus on translation: Try to learn the translation of all your daily speaking sentences using tenses and basic tricks.
b.Learn vocabulary: Learn 500 daily use vocabulary which will boost your English to the next level.
c.Learn Daily Use Sentences: Learn daily use sentences which you use in your day-to-day life.

How do I start grammar?

a.Learn Basic Terms in Grammar (Like subject, verb, object, phrases and clauses etc.)
b.Learn all kinds of parts of speech
c.Learn all tenses
d.Learn voice
e.Try to write a topic every day
f.Take the help of the Grammarly app to judge the mistakes

Which English is used in India?

British Engish is the foundation for Indian English we have been using British English from the early era in writing and speaking. But, People love using American English these days. Although, there is a slight difference between American and British English.

Q.Why is Indian English so bad?

Indian English is so bad in the case of those people who keep English as their second language. The majority of Indians have Hindi as their first language. They learn English for their official work and they are not in a position to adopt the accent of English correctly.

How do I check my grammar mistakes?
Is there an app that can correct grammar?

Grammarly is the app that you are searching for. It helps us to improve our mistakes and enhance our writing beauty. It is available for free but with some particular features. The paid version provides all the advanced features which help you to find your all big and small mistakes in grammar.

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