Discovering Tut the Saga Continues MCQ I Discovering Tut the Saga Continues MCQ Class 11


In this article, Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues is written by A R Williams. The chapter gives an insight into the mystery surrounding the life and death of Tutankhamun, the last teenage ruler of the powerful Pharaoh dynasty that had been ruled Egypt for centuries. Check out – Discovering Tut the Saga Continues MCQ with Answer and Online Test .

1.Who is the writer of this chapter?

a.William Saroyan

b.Nani Palkhivala

c.A R Williams          


2.Who is the last heir of a powerful Egyptian dynasty?

a.King Tut                 


c.Wu Daozi


3.At what date did the Tut’s mummy scan?

a.5th January, 2005             

b.7th January, 2005

c.8th January, 2006


4.Number of the scanes taken during scanning the mummy from head to toe………….

a.2000 scanes

b.3000 scanes

c.1700 scanes                    

d.1600 scanes

5.Howard Carter was a……….

a.American philosopher

b.German archaeologist

c.British  archaeologist              


Discovering Tut the Saga Continues MCQ Video (Part I)

6.Name the place where Egyptian kings were buried …………

a.Death of Kings

b.Valley of Pharos

c.Garden of Kings

d.Valley of Kings                     

7.What was buried with the mummy…

a.Board games, Ioine

b.Bronze rozor, food

c.Both A and B             

d.Neither A nor B

8.What does C T scan stand for………….

a.Compromise Task

b.Computed Tomography          

c.Cause Tendency


9.Zahi Hawass was the secretary general of Egypt’s


b.Prime Minister

c.Supreme council of antiquities     


10. Amenhotep III ruled for

a.Four decades                       

b. Five decades

c.Six decades


11.Who discovered king Tut’s tomb in 1922?

a.Zahi Hawass


c.Haward Carter                  


12.Amenhtep IV changed his capital to………



c.Both A and B                      


13.Tut was discovered after………

a. 1500 years

b. 2000 years                      

c. 3300 years

d. NOT

14.Tut’s grandfather Amenhotep III ruled for

a.40 years                            

b.30 years

c.10 years


15.When was the Tut’s tomb discovered?

a.In 1922 AD                

b.In 1900 AD

c.In 1910 AD


16.Who was Tutankhamun?

a.A Geologist

b.A Scientist

c.An Egyptian king            

d.A historian

17.Who discovered Tut’s tomb and when?

a.Adam Cooper in 1901

b.Howard Carter in 1922           

c.Howard Carter in 1930

d.Sam Shaw in 1890

18.When did Tut die?

a.When he was a teenager               

b.When he was old

c. When he was in middle age

d. When he was a child

19.Who is Osiris?

a.god of nature

b.god of afterlife                    

c. god of seasons

d.god of universe

20.When was Tut’s body taken for CT scan after being found?

a.After 1 year

b.After 80 years                

c.After 50 years

d.After 30 years

21.Tut was laid to rest, laden with …





Discovering Tut the Saga Continues MCQ Video (Part II)

22.How did Tut die?

a.It is a mystery                    

b.Due to heart attack

c.Due to Cancer

d.During a war

23. When was Tut’s body taken back in his tomb after CT scan?

a.After a day

b.After 3 hours                       

c.After 12 hours

d.After 5 hours

24.How did the workmen lift the body for the scan?

a.through the stairs

b.on a hydraulic trailer              

c.through sliding

d.through lift

25.What facts were revealed when the mummy was X-Rayed in 1968?

a.his several possessions were missing

b.his hip bone was missing

c.his breast bone and front ribs were missing

d.his feet bone was missing            

26.When was the mummy examined in X-Ray by the anatomy professor?

a.In 1945

b.In 198

c.In 1968                         


27.How did Carter cut the body of Tut?

a.First head and then every limb

b.first leg and then head                  

c.first legs, head and then limbs

d.limb, hand only

28.How did Carter remove the resins?

a.with the help of chisel and hammer  

b.with the help of chemicals

c.with the help of machinery

d.with the help of man power

29.What was in the first coffin?

a.garlands of olives, lotus petals, and cornflowers and coins, wealth, bronze razor, games, clothes, cases of food and wine

d. It was empty                      

30.For how many years did Tutankhamun rule Egypt?

A. Nine                           
B. Eleven
C. Two
D. Five

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