Format of Article, Topics and Examples| Format of Article Writing Class 12 CBSE

An article is a piece of rich information that has a certain target to convey a message to the world through a magazine or newspaper. Let’s begin our post, Format of the Article, Topics and Examples

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Tips for Writing an Article

1. There should be a short, clear and informative heading at the centre of the page.

2. Write the name of the person who has written the article on the middle/left or right-hand side.

3. There should be three paragraphs while writing an article.

4. Introduction ( Catch attention, clear language, planning)

5. Development (Facts, Examples)

6.Conclusion( Your Views, some suggestions, Solutions)

7. Write an article focusing on the topic.

8. The starting and ending parts of an article must be eye-catching.

9. Always avoid repetition, and do proper planning before touching the pen.

10. Don’t break the barrier of word limit.

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Article Writing Mark Distribution (CBSE Board)

Format of Article01 mark
Organisation of Ideas01 mark
Content Writing 02 marks
Spelling and Grammar Check01 mark
Total05 marks

Format of Article and Examples

Name of the Topic

                                              By- Pawan

Introduction ( Catch attention, clear language, planning)

Development (Facts, Examples)

Conclusion ( Your Views, some suggestions, Solutions)


Article on Hike in the Prices of Essential Commodities

OR Inflation in India OR Price Rising

                                                                                                                                                         By- Nishant

Many gravest problems are running in India. A hike in the prices of essential commodities is one of them. It is a matter of great concern, particularly for poor and middle-class families having a fixed income. 

The prices of all necessary things such as food items, clothes, medicine and other things are touching the sky day by day.   Simple vegetables like potatoes and onions have gone beyond the reach of common people. Basic education is even not affordable due to this hike.

There are many reasons for the price hike. Black marketing, hoarding, low productivity, smuggling, population explosion etc are some of them. Low productivity and short supply are the temporary cause.

But, Traders and hoarders exert a negative influence on the price of a commodity. They hold the stock for getting a better price which is the root cause of the price rise.

The government should have the proper management to stock the harvest for such a situation. The farmers must be given easy loan facilities to encourage them to better productivity. 

The people are badly affected due to the price rising. They have no option but to overcome this problem. It provokes a person to move on the path of corruption. The government must not ignore this and take strict steps against it. 

The public distribution system should be geared up immediately.  No tax or minimum tax has to be applied on all the necessary items such as food items, education etc.

Import has to be encouraged so that people can get the things at the lowest price. There must be an expansion of Highways to connect the states, cities and towns. 

The common people have to stand firm with the government to avoid such problems in our life.

Article on Discipline OR  Time Management

OR Importance of Time

                                                                                                                                      By- Komal

Discipline plays an important role in shaping the future of any individual. With no discipline, we are just like the boats which have no direction. Compromise in discipline leads us towards hell and destruction.   It fixes our path and gives us proper guidance to move in our life.

Discipline is a good character that has a very positive and good impact on our lives. It has a great role in motivating an individual to be successful and to progress in his or her life. Discipline builds the character of an individual. It helps us in our career building and brings self-confidence to us.

It makes us courageous, determined and self-dependent and helps us a lot to focus on our target and achieve it with time duration.

A person without discipline, the person’s life becomes dull. It is like a tree having no roots. No man on the planet has ever succeeded without discipline and time management. These two things are essential factors for being a successful person.

Successful people wait for time and run equally with time. But, Unsuccessful people run behind the time and time kicks them badly. Discipline directs individuals to move on the right path. Being disciplined is very necessary almost everywhere like in schools, offices, homes, etc.

Discipline brings perfection to the life of an individual by directing and training the individual.

Success comes only when a person lives and does work in a disciplined manner. Discipline means keeping control of our senses. It enhances our working power and keeps us motivated in any odd situation.

We have learned discipline and time management from Nature like The sun never rises late. The air blows constantly and many other things.

The success mantra for success is the best management of time and discipline. A man with discipline never loses his path and becomes an achiever one day.

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