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In this article, we are going to discuss the Notice Writing Format, Definition and Examples. This article is useful for all academic students. You can also attempt an online test to track your examination preparation.

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Notice Writing MCQs Online Test


Notice Writing Format and Examples 

  • Notice is a piece of writing that is generally shown on the bulletin of schools, colleges and other institutions.

Tips for  Notice Writing

  1. The name of the school or college must be placed at the top in capital letters.
  2. The word, “NOTICE” is to be written in the second next line at the middle of the page.
  3. Put the date on the left-hand side.
  4. Place the topic in the middle in small letters.
  5. The notice must be clear, short and to the point mentioning all the necessary details.
  6. Give the name of the person issuing the notice along with his/ her designation.
  7. The notice must be in a rectangular box.
  8. It must be written on a single page.

Notice Writing Starting lines

It gives me great pleasure to inform all the students that……………………

OR  It is to inform all the students that……………………………………………

OR  All the students are hereby informed that…………………………….

OR This is informing all the students…………….. 

Notice Writing Video Lecture


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Notice Writing Format




Feb. 22, 2018

TOPIC ( In small letters)


 All the students are hereby informed that ……………………………………

(Body of the Notice)


Those, who are interested to participate can give their names to the undersigned.





Notice Writing Example no – 1

You are Salman or Sara, Cultural Secretary of Eden Garden Public School, Ranchi. A Blood Donation Camp has to be organised in your school. Write a notice in not more than 50 words to be displayed on your school notice board.




Sept. 25, 2019

Blood Donation Camp

All the students are hereby informed that our school is going to organise a blood donation camp on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Many experienced good doctors are supposed to be there. There will also be an ambulance for any emergency case. Donating blood is like worshipping God. Our local M.L.A. will inaugurate the programme by donating blood. You all are kindly Invited to make the programme successful



Cultural Secretary

Notice Writing Example no – 2

Your school is going to organise a cultural evening to collect funds for the slum children. Draft a suitable notice for your school notice board giving the necessary details. You are Neelam or Nayan, the cultural secretary of your school.




Oct. 25, 2019

Cultural Evening to Collect Funds


It is to inform all the students that our school is going to organise a cultural evening to collect funds for the slum children on the 5th of October,2018. There will be performed singing, dancing , dramas and other special programmes.  The programme will be started at 6 o’clock in the evening at our school campus.  The Secretary of Gokul Dham Trust  Will be the chief guest. Helping others is a good habit. All the students are requested to participate wholeheartedly and make this programme successful.




Cultural Secretary

Notice Writing MCQ

1. The word limit of notice is……..

  1. 100 words
  2. 50 words
  3. 75 words
  4. 60 words

        2. What can be added to a notice containing the ‘Lost’ title?

  1. The reward for a person who finds the lost object
  2. The reward for a person who loses the object
  3. No reward for anyone
  4. None of These

3. What is not mentioned in a notice?

  1. subject
  2. salutation
  3. date
  4. signature

4. Where is the signature mentioned in the notice?

  1. below is the name of the notice writer
  2. above the name of the notice writer
  3. below the date
  4. none of these

5. The subject of the notice should be

  1. long-tail keyword
  2. short-tail keyword
  3. short and catchy
  4. very short

6. Notice is a type of a

  1. letter
  2. report
  3. invitation
  4. NOT

7. Which of the following is a type of notice?

  1. situation vacant
  2. situation wanted
  3. lost and found
  4. sell and purchase

8. What is the main purpose of writing a notice in academics?

  1. to inform the officers
  2. to call the lawyers
  3. to get the attendance of students
  4. to inform the students

9. Notice is to be written in  …….

  1. without a box
  2. a circular box
  3. a rectangular box
  4. NOT

10. What is the major information given in a notice?

  1. what is going to happen
  2. who and whom to apply
  3. date and place information
  4. all above

11. Which of the following is the correct  format for writing the date in a notice

  1. 28/11/2021
  2. Nov. 28, 2021
  3. 28th March 2021
  4. both B and C (Nov. 28, 2021

& 28th March 2021)

12. Which of the following pronoun must be avoided in notice writing?

  1. I
  2. you
  3. both a and b (I & You)
  4. either a or b (I or you)

13. A notice is generally drafted for

  1. an event
  2. lost object
  3. to-let purpose
  4. both a and b (an event & lost object)

14. The word ‘notice’ is written in …

  1. block letter
  2. cursive letter
  3. bold letter
  4. NOT

15. Where is the notice put up in a school?

  1. blackboard
  2. Principal Office
  3. staff room
  4. notice board

16. What are the main factors to assess a notice?

  1. format
  2. content
  3. expression
  4. all above

17. Which of the following is a suitable line to start a notice?

  1. this is to inform all the students that ………
  2. I am informing you that…………
  3. you are notified that………….
  4. NOT

18. What to do if the notice writer’s name is not given….

  1. leave empty the naming part
  2. write XYZ/ABC
  3. write school name
  4. NOT

  19. Where should the date be placed in a notice?

  1. after the school name
  2. before the date
  3. between notice and subject
  4. NOT

20. What kind of language should be used in a notice?

  1. complex
  2. simple
  3. simple and formal.
  4. NOT

21. A notice must contain ………………… information?

  1. event
  2. factual
  3. lost
  4. found

22. What is mentioned at the top of the notice?

  1. subject
  2. date
  3. ‘NOTICE’ word
  4. name of the Institution

23. What is the meaning of ‘Pseudonym’ in a notice?

  1. real Name
  2. legal Name
  3. Imaginary Name (fictitious name)
  4. secondary name

24. Which of the following answer you should include in your notice?

  1. When
  2. What
  3. Where
  4. All above

25. Notice should be written in ……

  1. one page
  2. two page
  3. one or two-page page
  4. NOT

Notice Writing Answer Sheet

2. A6.D11.D16.D23. C26.
2.A9. C14. A18. B22.D27.
4. B8.D13.D19. C25. A28.
5. C12. C17. A20. C24.D29.
7. C10.D15.D21. B25.A30.

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