Landscape of the Soul MCQ l Landscape of the Soul MCQ Online Test for Class 11

Landscape of the Soul has been written by Nathalie Trouveroy. The chapter talks about the importance of the art of painting told through the help of various stories.Check out – Landscape of the Soul MCQ, Main Points, Summary and Online test of this particular chapter.


Landscape of the Soul MCQ Questions

1.Who is the Writer of this chapter?

  1. William Saroyan
  2. Nani Palkhivala
  3. Nick Middleton
  4. NOT

2.Who did paint a landscape for the emperor?

  1. Tang Emperor xuanzong
  2. Quinten Metsys
  3. Wu Daozi
  4. Not

3.Where is the rock garden situated?

  1. Chandigarh
  2. Haryana
  3. Punjab
  4. Amritsar

4. Who created the Rock Garden?

  1. Nanak Chand
  2. Kabir Chand
  3. Nek Chand
  4. Not

5. What was Wu Daozi’s last painting?

  1. painting of a fly
  2. painting of horse
  3. painting of palace
  4. NOT

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6.In which century, Wu Daozi lived in

  1. 6th century
  2. 5th century
  3. 7th Century
  4. 8th Century

7.What is the root essence of Asian and Chinese art.

  1. Paint with heart
  2. Spiritual life
  3. Realism
  4. NOT

8. Raw Vision is a magazine …….

  1. USA based
  2. UK based
  3. Chandigarh based
  4. German based

9. ‘The biggest reward is walking through the garden and seeing people enjoy my creation.’ Who says this?

  1. Wu Daozi
  2. Jean Dubuffet
  3. Quinten Metsys
  4. creator of Rock Garden

10. What was the profession of Quinten Metsys?

  1. a dancer by profession
  2.  A painter by profession
  3. A businessman by profession
  4. Blacksmith by Profession

11. Classical Chinese painter does not create a …..

  1. back view
  2. solid view
  3. actual view
  4. NOT

12. The rock garden is made of

  1. bricks and stones
  2. only stones
  3. mud and cement
  4. stone and recycled material (broken bangles)

13. Who is the India’s biggest contributor to the ‘Outsider Art?’

a. Kabir Chand

b. Neck Chand

c. Prem Chand

d. NOT

14. Who will honour him for his outstanding art?

  1. USA
  4. NOT

15. What did Quinten Metsys paint?

  1. a horse
  2. a landscape
  3. a yang
  4. NOT

16.Who introduced the concept of “art brut” in 1940

  1. Wu Daozi
  2. Quinten Mystes          
  3. Jean Dubuffet
  4. Antwerp

17.Chinese classical education are full of the stories of

  1. Wu Daozi
  2. Quinten Mystes            
  3. Confucious and Zhuangzi
  4. Antwerp

18. When the painter Wu Daozi entered in the cave………………….disappeared.

  1. NOT
  2.  King and ministers
  3. King and queen
  4. Painter and painting          

What was Francois Cheng’s expression?

  1. the center of the landscape
  2.  the right side of the landscape
  3. the eye of the landscape           
  4.  the left side of the landscape

20.Breathing in and out is called…..

  1. Pranayama               
  2. Exercise
  3. Yoga
  4. NOT

21. What does Yang mean?

  1. Water; horizontal and resting on the earth, fluid, moist and cool
  2. Mountain; vertically towards Heaven, stable, warm, and dry in the sun           
  3. Neutral action
  4. Receptive, feminine aspect of universal energy

22. Outsider art is made through……..

  1. Plastic
  2. Garbage                           
  3. Dust
  4. NOT

23. How did painter opened the cave?

  1.  he clapped with his both hands   
  2. he called a ghost
  3. he pronounced mantra
  4.  he practised black magic

24. What is the essential third element ?

  1. Left void
  2. Middle void             
  3. Center void
  4. NOT

25. Who was the Chinese Emperor during the Eighth Century?

  1. Tang Emperor Xuanzong      
  2.  Qin Shi Huang
  3. Emperors Gaozu
  4. Emperor Taizong

26. The chapter, Landscape of the soul compare the art of two countries that are…….

  1. Europe and India
  2. Europe and China          
  3. China and America
  4. NOT

27. Who is the writer of the article an outsider art.

  1.  Brinda Suri              
  2.  Kokila Ben
  3.  Mohit Suri
  4. NOT

28. What are the major differences between Chinese paintings and European paintings.

  1. One is cheap and the other is costly
  2.  Difference of deep message and outer attraction                
  3. Difference of finishing
  4. NOT

Landscape of the Soul MCQ Answer Sheet

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