The Portrait of a Lady MCQ (Class 11th English Core: Sci. Com. and Arts) I The Portrait of a Lady Online Test

The Portrait of a Lady MCQ

In this article, we will read the MCQs The Portrait of a Lady MCQ by Khushwant Singh. The story highlights the value of love and attention that can be generally seen in the joint family. 1.The grandmother accompanied her family to see off and receive………. a.Grand daughter b.Grand son c.Grand children               d.NOT 2. The grandmother … Read more

A Photograph Class 11 MCQ Questions | A Photograph Class 11 Extract Questions and Answers

A Photograph Class 11 MCQ Questions

We have provided here 20 MCQ questions with answers at the end of the article. The MCQs are very important from the exam point of view. Check out – A Photograph Class 11 MCQ Questions with Answers and Explanation of the poem A Photograph Class 11 MCQ Questions Video Lecture(Part I) A Photograph Class 11 … Read more

(PDF) Notice Writing – Introduction, Format and Examples | Notice Writing Class 12 Topics and Exercises

notice writing format

In this article, we are going to discuss the Notice Writing Format, Definition and Examples. This article is useful for all academic students. You can also attempt an online test to track your examination preparation. Notice Writing MCQs Online Test Notice Writing Format and Examples  Tips for  Notice Writing Notice Writing Starting lines It gives … Read more

Format of Article, Topics and Examples| Format of Article Writing Class 12 CBSE

format of article

An article is a piece of rich information that has a certain target to convey a message to the world through a magazine or newspaper. Let’s begin our post, Format of the Article, Topics and Examples Article MCQs Online Mock Test Tips for Writing an Article 1. There should be a short, clear and informative … Read more