(PDF) Notice Writing – Introduction, Format and Examples | Notice Writing Class 12 Topics and Exercises

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In this article, we are going to discuss the Notice Writing Format, Definition and Examples. This article is useful for all academic students. You can also attempt an online test to track your examination preparation. Notice Writing MCQs Online Test Notice Writing Format and Examples  Tips for  Notice Writing Notice Writing Starting lines It gives … Read more

Format of Article, Topics and Examples| Format of Article Writing Class 12 CBSE

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An article is a piece of rich information that has a certain target to convey a message to the world through a magazine or newspaper. Let’s begin our post, Format of the Article, Topics and Examples Article MCQs Online Mock Test Tips for Writing an Article 1. There should be a short, clear and informative … Read more

(PDF) Keeping Quiet Summary, Difficult Words & Explanation | Flamingo Book – Question Answers Class 12

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The poem is composed by one of the finest poets, Pablo Neruda. The poem gives great value to meditation and self-introspection which helps a person to understand himself very deeply. Check out –  Keeping Quiet Summary, Difficult Words, and Stanza-wise Explanation as well as a free video lecture Keeping Quiet MCQs Mock Test 1. Keeping … Read more

My Mother at Sixty-six Summary, Explanation and Difficult Words | My Mother at Sixty-six Question and Answers Class 12

my mother at sixty six

My Mother at Sixty Six is the first poem of the Class 12th  Flamingo Poetry Section. In this poem, the poet has deeply shared the pain of being separated from her mother. The poet has to go to Cochin airport on Friday morning. She finds her mother suffering in old age which aches her a … Read more

Chapter 3: Deep Water Summary, Explanation, Difficult Words | Deep Water Class 12 by William Douglas

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In this post on Deep Water, We would be discussing the writer, theme,  Long Question Answers, Short Question Answers, the Deep Water Summary, Difficult Words and Video Explanation. You can also attempt an online test to measure the strength of your preparation. 1. About the Writer William Orville Douglas was born on Oct. 16th, 1898  … Read more

Lost Spring Summary, Short Q. Answers & Difficult Words | Lost Spring Class 12 Stories of Stolen Childhood

The story Lost Spring is originally taken from “Stories of Stolen.” This book is also written by Anees Jung. Check out Lost Spring Summary, Explanation, and Difficult Words and MCQs Online Test Lost Spring Online Test 1. Lost  Spring  Author She was born in 1964 in Hyderabad in an aristocratic family. She is a writer, … Read more

The Last Lesson Summary, Difficult words | The Last Lesson Class 12 Ncert Solutions

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The Last Lesson is set in the days of Franco Prussian War (1870-71) in which France was defeated by Prussia (Part of Germany) led by Bismarck. The chapter is based on the importance of language.  Check out – The Last Lesson Summary, Difficult Words, MCQs and Video Lectures The  Last Lesson MCQs Mock Test 1. … Read more