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An informal letter is a letter that is generally written to a friend, family member or a dear one. Such letters are meant for informal discussions. It is also known as a personal letter.In this article, we will see format of informal letter, samples and many examples. 

Format of Informal Letter

Sender’s Address



                                       How are you? I hope that everything will be fine.  I want to tell/ Inform/ invite/suggest/say you about my hostel life.


                           Body of the Letter (At least in two paragraphs)


Pay my best regards to the whole family at home.

Your loving son / Yours affectionately


Letter for  Congratulating him for his Success

You are Aman or Sandhya. Write a letter to your friend congratulating him for his success in a job.  


Nehru Vihar, Rohini

Deoghar (815353)


15th of March, 2019

Dear Viraj,

                    How are you? I hope that everything will be fine.  I want to congratulate you on your success in the Navy. You proved your potential and became the inspiration of many like us who are trying to settle themselves in a reputed job.

I hope you perform better in the job and achieve the milestone where a job holder dreams himself. You make your parents always proud of you. We always get inspired by you. Your good words and nature of hard work are always in my mind. Wish you very successful years ahead!

Pay my best regards to the whole family at home.

Yours affectionately


Letter for Advising brother to avoid bad company and focus on the study


Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to avoid bad company and focus on study. 

155, Kantatoli

Ranchi (834001)

April 4, 2018

Dear Deepak,

                 How are you? I am fine here by the grace of God and hope that everything would be fine there. I received your letter and glad to know that you are promoted to the next standard but I heard some negative news about you through your school Principal.

I am very strict and forward regarding such nonsense. I want to deeply advise you to stay away from such bad boys. They will exert a negative influence on your personality. It will impact your study too. Always remember, a good-natured person is always welcomed everywhere. I hope, you will follow my advice and never ever give me a chance to complain against you.

Pay my best regards to your mates.

Your loving brother


Letter for Sharing your boarding school experience with your mother

Write a letter to your mother sharing your experience with boarding school.

 146, Madhupur

Deoghar (815353)


May 10, 2016


Dear Mom,

                     It’s been a long time getting in touch with you. How have you been? May God give you better health and happiness in your life. I am very happy in this new boarding school. The environment of the school is pure and heaven. We have a great good routine from dawn to dusk. The hostel warden is very friendly and caring like you. We do proper yoga and meditation too.

 The school building is very magnificent and the faculties are very well qualified and supportive. The principal ma’am cares for us like her own daughter. My friends are very intelligent at studies and sharing in nature. The complete environment suits me very much.

 Pay my best regards to the whole family at home.

Your loving daughter


 I hope you like my article on format of informal  letter

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