Articles a an the examples, Types and Rules | Use of Articles with Examples

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  The article is a part of a determiner that is used before a noun to make it definite or indefinite.

Articles a an the examples, Types and Rules

Types of Articles

There are two kinds of Articles.

1. Definite Article: A’ and ‘An are called indefinite articles.

2. Indefinite Article: ‘The’ is called a definite article.

Note: The meaning of a and an is ‘एक’ in Hindi.

Note 2: ‘The’ has no particular meaning but is used to make a noun definite or indefinite.

Use of A

A= Singular Noun + Countable Noun + Consonant Sound .

Ex:  A pen, a cow, a dog e.t.c.

Ex: He is a good boy.

A= Singular Noun + Countable Noun + Eu  (यू)  O  (), U (यू) 

Examples: A university,  A European, A one-act play.

Use of An

An= Singular Noun + Countable Noun + Vowel Sound ( ……….) 

Examples: An egg, an umbrella, an article e.t.c.

An= Singular Noun + Countable Noun + Silent ‘H’

Examples: An honest man, an honourable Prime Minister, an hour.

Note: Article is always used before a singular noun, before an adjective followed by a noun, before an adverb followed by an adjective, and a noun

Note 2:  An article is used just after both, all, such, double and half.

Note 3: No article is used before the adjective. But, an article is used when a noun comes after an adjective.

Note 4: A and an are not used before uncountable nouns and plural nouns.


Use of The

1. To make any noun particular:

 Examples: This is the pen which I bought yesterday.

This is the teacher who teaches us maths.

 2. Before the repeated noun:


 There lived an old man in a cottage. The old man was very poor.

A cow is a domestic animal. The cow gives us milk.

3. Before the  name of any mountains:       

Examples: The Himalayas

 Note: Article ‘the’ is not used before the name of any singular mountain (crest).

Examples: Everest, K2, Nanda Devi e.t.c are singular mountains.

4. Before  the name of any newspaper:

Examples: The Telegraph, The Times of India, The Hindu.

5. Before the name of famous river, canal, sea, and ocean

Examples: The Ganga, The Yamuna, the Suez Canal, The Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, etc.

 6. Before superlative degree of adjective:

Examples: Raman is the tallest boy in our class.

Kavya is the most intelligent girl in our school.

 7. Before the name of any train, ship, and aeroplane

Examples: The Maurya Express, The Rajdhani Express, the Vikrant, the Indigo, etc.

 8. Before the name of parts of the universe

Examples: The sun, the moon, the sky e.t.c

 9. Before the name of any political party:

Examples: The Bhartiya Janta Party, The Congress e.t.c

10. Before the name of Parts of Body

Examples: The eyes, the nose, the ear e.t.c

11. Before the name of the unique in the world

Examples: The Tajmahal, The China Wall, The Red Fort e.t.c

12. Before the name of any musical instrument 

Examples: The tabla, the harmonium, the guitar e.t.c

13Before the name of any religious book:

Examples: The Ramayana, The Gita, The Quoran e.t.c.

14. Before the name of any reputed designation

Examples: The Prime Minister, The Chief Minister, The Principal, etc.

15. Before the name of any invention

Examples: the radio, the television, etc.

16. Before the name of armed forces/govt. branches

Examples: the police, the army, the navy :

17. Article is used before the first noun if the structure of the sentence is noun+ of+ noun


All the teachers of this institute are well-qualified.

The officers of our state are honest.

18. After some phrases like A large number of, many of, most of, all of, half of, one-third of, the majority of


Most of the students have gone to the park.

All of the teachers are dedicated to the students.

 19. Before the name of any caste and religious and social community

Examples: the Rajputs, the Marathas, the Hindus, the Muslims, the Sikhs, the Christians, etc.

20. Before the physical Position:

Examples: the top, the bottom, the front, the back, the centre, etc.

 21. Before the name of any empire, dynasty historical events and centuries.


The Ancient Ages, World War II, the Mughal Dynasty, the Red Revolution, the seventh, etc.

 22. To denote any nationality:

Examples: the Indians, the French, the European, etc.

 23.Before office/cinema /theatre /opera/ pictures/movies/ circus/ office/station/ bus stop etc.


My father goes to the office at 10 A.M.

He goes to the theatre to watch a movie.

Omission of Article

1.No article is used after elect/select/declare/appoint/made/type of /kind of/variety of/rank of /past of /little of /position of /a number of /a lot of/plenty of 


I don’t like this kind of man

We elected him College President.

  A number of students are absent today.

2.No article is used before the name of any person, subjects, languages, sports, months, festivals, seasons e.t.c


I want to go home to Durga Puja.

He speaks English better than me.

  We get ripen mangoes in the summer season.

3.No article is used before the name of school, college, home, work, table, prison, church, bed, prison, market, temple, hospital, court, mosque, university in the case of primary purpose.


 We sleep in a bed.

 The children are playing on the bed.

 4.No article is used before father, mother, brother, uncle, sister, man, woman, life, death, science, nature, love, meal, dinner, breakfast in the case of normal sense e.t.c


Man is mortal.

Nature looks beautiful in the morning.

Love is great.

5.No article is used before the name of city, state, country, university

Exceptions: the U.S.A, the U.S.S.R, the People’s Republic of China, the Netherlands. The Congo


 India is a land of many languages and festivals.

 Patna University has produced a number of gems.

6.No article is used before breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper etc.


He takes dinner at 8 AM

7.No article is used before the name of the disease, crest, lake, and island.


Mount Everest is in Nepal.

Chilika Lake is known for salty water.

Tuberculosis is a lethal disease.

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