Active and Passive voice, Rules and Examples | Difference between Active and Passive Voice

Active and Passive Voice

Voice has two parts- Active Voice and Passive Voice. Active Voice directly linked to Tense. Therefore, Before knowing about, Voices, it is very important to know about Tenses. In this article, we shall get a detailed study of  Active and Passive voice, Rules and Examples Voice (वाच्य )   Voice- voice is the art of making … Read more

Number in English- Basic to Competitive | Singular and Plural Number in English Grammar

number in english

The number in English grammar is the very essential topic of English grammar. The number always represents the count of the things. If the noun is single then it is taken as a singular number or in the case of more than one considered as a plural number. We generally prefer s or es to … Read more

Tense with Formula, Examples and Usage | 12 Types of Tense with Examples and Formula

tenses in english

Tense is a very important topic of Engish Grammar. Without knowledge of tense, we can’t study voice, narration and many other topics. In fact, It is the backbone of English Grammar. Verb Forms play an important role in Shaping Tense.  Let’s start tense with formulae, examples, and video lectures…   Time and Tenses in English  … Read more

Parts of Speech Examples, Definitions and Types

Different types of Words are divided into 8 categories. This division is known as Parts of Speech. Let’s check out parts of speech examples, definitions and Types.     Parts of  Speech (शब्द – भेद) (भाषा का खंडन) There are 8 parts of Speech 1. Noun (संज्ञा): The noun is the name of anything.     … Read more