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In this article, we will provide you with My Mother at Sixty six mcq with answers which is very important from an exam point of view. The poem, my mother at Sixty-six is written by Kamla Das. The poem talks about the fear of separation. 

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My Mother at Sixty-six mcq Questions

1. Who is the poet of the Poem, My Mother at Sixty-six?

a.Hima Das

b.Kamala Das

c.John Keats

d.Pablo Neruda

2. She is better known for?

a.Her  originality, versatility and flavour of the soil

b. Historical Writing

c.Art of Writing

d.For expressions

3. What is the message in the poem?

a)Value of meditation and Self- introspection

b)Experience of a married woman

c)A thing of beauty is a joy forever


4. What is the kind of pain and ache that the poet feels?

a)Fear of Childhood

b)Losing her mother



5. In which language, Kamala Das has published most of the novels and short stories?

a)English and Malayalam

b)Swedish and English

c)Hindi and English


6. What is the familiar ache?

a)Old age of the mother

b)Her childhood fear to lose her mother

c)Her helplessness

d)All of the above

7. What does ‘ashen face’ symbolises?

a)Decaying age

b)Dark complexion

c) The tired and lifeless face of mother


8. What does the poet see happening outside?

a)The young trees are sprinting

b)Merry children are spilling out

c)Both a and b

d)Either a or b

9. What do the parting words signify?

a)She is in a hurry

b)She is happy

c)Her optimistic farewell full of cheerfulness


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10. What does the poet’s smile signify in the poem?

a)Her assurance to her mother and helplessness   inside

b)She has a responsibility

c)She has to do her duty first

d)She is a loving daughter

11. What is the poet worried about her mother?

a)Her face

b)Falling age

c)Her loneliness

d)Her dream

12. What did the poet look back at her mother?

a)Because she was missing

b)Because he was in pain

c)Because of fear and insecurity

d)Because she was moving away

13. The poet has compared her mother with?

a)Late Winter’s Sun


c)Sarojini Naidu


14. Why has the poet used the imagery of merry children spilling out of their homes?

a)to show hope

b)to show happiness

c)to show youthfulness of her age

d)to show hope and happiness in children

15. Why does the poet feel scared?

a)because of her fears

b)because she was getting late

c)fear of missing her flight

d) because of her duty towards her mother and her own needs

16. Which Rhyming scheme is used in the poem?

a)coupled rhyme


c)Alternate rhyme

d)free verse

17. The poem revolves around the theme of

a)poet’s fears

b) poet’s love for her mother

c)Theme of old age

d)All of these

18. What does the expression smile, smile and smile signify?

a.Happiness of the poet

b.Fear of the poet

c.She will miss her mother a lot

d.All above

19. What was the expression of the poet’s face while parting from her mother?





20. The poet was leaving from?

a) In-law’s house

b) A Friend’s house

c)Her own house

d)Parent’s house

21. What were the words she used while parting from her mother?

a)See you soon Ba

b)See you soon ma

c)See you soon mata ji

d)See you soon, amma

22. Where is the poet going?


b)Parent’s home

c)Her home


23. Find out the example of personification used in the poem.

a) sprinting trees

b)home to Cochin

c)airport’s security check

d)All of these

24. Find an example of a metaphor used in the poem.

a)as a late winter’s moon

b)‘Trees sprinting, the merry children spilling out of their homes

c) Driving from my parent’s home


25. Find the example of a simile used in the poem

a) familiar ache

b)like that of a corpse

c) Wan and pale

d)the merry children

26. The poem is of

a)Five sentences

b)A sentence

c)Two lines

d)Three Stanzas

27. Children spilling out’ is an





28. Trees sprinting’ is a poetic device. It is…





29. The poetess says her mother looked pale like a


b)Late winter’s moon

c)Sprinting Trees


30. Poetic devices used in the poem.




d)All Above

31. The poet was driving towards

a)Bus Stand

b)Railway Station



32. The mother of the poetess was



c)Looking outside


33. She soon put that thought out of her mind and

a)Started reading


c)Looked out of the window

d)Started driving

34. The narrator looked at her mother again after

a)Reaching the airport


c)Security Check

d)Car parking

35. The poet has drawn a comparison between

a)Mother and home

b)Mother and children

c)Mother and Father


36. Sprinting’ means

a)short fast race

b) rowing a boat

c)playing tricks

d) running around trees

37. The mood in the last two lines is that of



c)acceptance of reality


38. Winter’s moon’ is a reference to the mother’s

a)Old age

b) Illness

c) Colour of skin

d)Young age

39. The narrator also saw children running out of





40. Find an example of a simile used in the poem.

a)Familiar ache

b)Like that of a corpse

c)Wan and pale

d)The merry children

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