Use of Introductory It and There with Examples

We will know deeply about Use of Introductory It and There with Examples

Use of It

We use it as a personal pronoun to develop the sense of ‘यह/वह’ in Hindi.


It is our picnic spot.

It is Mayank’s pet dog.

It is the balcony of our new apartment.

Note: It is used with non-living and animal both.

Note 2: This is mainly used for living objects only.

Note 3: In modern English, it is also used with non-living objects.  


Introductory  It

If a sentence talks about time, season, climate, day, month, and year. Its translation is done using It as the subject of the sentence. This ‘It’ is known as introductory it. Introductory  ‘It’ has no meaning.

 जब किसी sentence में समय , मौसम , ऋतु , दिन , महीना , वर्ष इत्यादि के विषय में बात किया गया हो तो उसे It लगाकर English में Translate किया जाता है।  वास्तव में , इस It  के meaning  का प्रभाव translation  पर नहीं पड़ता है।  इसीलिए , इसे Introductory It  कहा जाता है।

Note:  This ‘It’ always takes a singular verb  

 Note 2: The subject of rain is always it          


कल सर्दी थी

It was cold yesterday

आज सोमवार है

It is Monday today

सुबह का नौ बजा है

It is 9 o’clock in the morning

2005 का समय है।

It is 2005

 Use of there

There is used to develop the sense of ‘वहां’  in Hindi.


Chetna has kept her all books there.

Yuvan has brought a glass of water from there.

Nisha has forgotten her laptop there.

Use of Introductory It and There with Examples

Introductory there

 अगर किसी वाक्य का अंत है/ हूँ / हैं / था /थी /थे से हो और  वाक्य का subject ठीक  है/ हूँ / हैं / था /थी /थे के पहले  आए तो ऐसे sentence का English Translation  there लगाकर बनाया जाता है। वास्तव में , इस there के meaning  का प्रभाव translation पर नहीं पड़ता है।  इसीलिए , इस there को introductory there कहा जाता है।                                                                                                                                                                                

Note: This ‘there’ takes the verb as per the number of subjects.


 एक राजा था

There was a king

 उस मग में थोड़ी  पानी थी।

There was a little water in that mug

उसके घर के पास एक नदी है।

There is a river near his house

उस दुकान में कई नयी किताबें हैं।

There are several new books in that shop

वहां दो पेड़ थे।

There were two trees there.

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