7 Best Formal and Informal Greetings and Etiquette

Formal and Informal Greetings and Etiquette

You have come across many people in the world. Everybody has a different sense of living, talking, wearing, etc.  But, one very common thing that is very essential is his/her behaviour that makes you comfortable with that individual. His character is judged by his greeting and etiquette. 

On  meeting                                                                     On separation

12 A M  to 11:59 A M  – Good Morning             Good Day/ Good-Bye                                                          

12 P.M to 3:59 PM  – Good Afternoon              Good Day/ Good-Bye

4 PM to 11:59 PM-  Good Evening                    Good Night

                     Informal Ways  of Greetings and Etiquette

What’s up?                 

How is it going on?

How is your life?            

What’s going on?

 It’s been a while, Sir having met you!  (Formal)

Long time to see you, bro!           (Informal)

Note: Always use ‘Good Morning’ on the first meet.

Note 2: Hi, hey, dude, guy, bro, baby, darling are some of the examples of informal words.

Note 3: Hello is a formal word.

Greetings and Etiquette

To  introduce yourself 

Informal                                                                  Formal

Hi. I am…                        Hello. I don’t think we have met

                                            earlier. Let me introduce myself.

                                            My name is …       


Hello ! my name is …       Good morning. Allow me to

                                                 introduce myself. My name is … 

 Introducing someone else


May I introduce my colleague, Shyam?

Allow me to introduce my colleague, Nitin?

I would like you to meet my colleague, Kapil.


This is my friend, Kalyan.

Meet my friend , Himanshu.


After meeting

Informal                                                                    Formal

Nice/ lovely  to meet you.                       Nice to meet you too.


 How do you do,  Naved.                        How do you do, Mayank.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sam.       I am very pleased to meet                                                                                                                          you too.         



 Hi Komal. How are you?  Fine, thanks. And what’s about you?

Hello Nayan. How are you doing? Great, thanks. How about you?


Good morning Naina. How are you today?  

I am pretty well, thank you. And you?


                   Ways to goodbye


I must go. Catch you later.     O.k. See you later. Bye.

I’ll be off now. Speak to you later.   Sure. Take Care.



Goodbye. It has been a pleasure meeting you.    

The pleasure is mine. I hope to see you again soon.


I must be on my way. It was nice seeing you again.   

Likewise. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

7 Best Formal and Informal Greetings and Etiquette


Use of Thanks or Thank you

‘Thanks’ is used in informal ways but ‘thank you is used informal ways to show obligation to someone.

Some examples:

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a million.

Thank you very much indeed.

Thank you for your help/ guidance/presence.

 To show sorry

Sorry, I am really/ extremely/very sorry. , Excuse me  Pardon (me)

Sorry I am late.

Excuse me for being late.

On reply

That’s/ It’s  all right, No matter, Nevermind, No problem

Some etiquettes

After you

Sorry to interrupt you.

Should I help you?

What else is going on?

Your tongue gives your perfect address.

By – Pawan Sir

I hope you all will love and appreciate my effort for Formal and Informal Greetings and Etiquette in the comment box…

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