About Myself Essay for All Students | About Myself Paragraph in 200 Words

About Myself Essay for All Students

1. About me and my family

I am Deepak Kumar. I live in Devipur, Deoghar. It is situated in Jharkhand State. I am a very intelligent boy since childhood.  I have a beautiful family.  My father is a doctor.

He also owns a private clinic in the city. My father is a very hard working man. He treats the patient from dawn to dusk. He also believes in charity. My mother is a government high school teacher.

She follows a very hard daily routine. She is a very kind and gentle lady. My mother is the only lady behind the success of my father. There is great love and understanding between both of them. I have two sisters and a brother.

I am the youngest among them. My elder sister has completed L.L.B and is a lawyer in the high court. She comes home once a week. I always admire her way of learning and performing things. She is my real inspiration.

My brother is pursuing B. Tech from IIT Delhi. He has also struggled a lot at studies.  my younger sister and I read in the same school. She wants to become a pilot in future.

2.Education: About Myself Essay

I have a very good school which produces toppers every year. Many successful people have gained education from this school. I read in D.P.S Public School, Deoghar.

I am a student of the 4th standard. I like and respect all the teachers and their ability to teach. There are many friends in my school. We play together during the sports period. I feel very fortunate to be a student of this school. I love going to my school.

3.My Aim in Life

I want to serve my country by becoming an I.A.S officer in the future. The full form of I.A.S is Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the white-collar jobs in India.

This service gives you the opportunity to stay connected with rural and urban life.   For this purpose, I want to continue my studies in Arts after matriculation. I will also go to Delhi to enrol in a good coaching centre for smooth preparation. 

4.My Strength: About Myself Essay

I have developed much good strength through my parents. One of them is the value of truth and confession. They have been taught to speak the truth since childhood. I have seen the value of truth in my life many times.

The truth is the strongest pillar that needs no external support. If I commit any mistake then I am always ready to admit it as a man is the idol of mistakes. I am also good at sports.

I have been selected captain for the junior football team many times. Our football team has also played at the state level under my leadership. I also like crowd speaking. I have won many medals in school at essay competitions.


5.My weakness

Like everybody, I have also many weaknesses. I got angry soon. I have faced very ugly moments due to this attitude. I don’t like socialising more.

I like to live alone. I have been cheated many times because I trust people very easily. I try to work on these bad habits to get them improved soon.

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I always consider myself a very lucky boy. I am a mixture of good or bad habits both as the others. Although,  I like to stay positive and work hard for my goal. I always want to make my parents proud of me by achieving the targeted goals.

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