About Myself Essay for All Students | About Myself Paragraph in 200 Words

This type of essay,  About Myself Essay is asked to write down in the lower and upper classes both. Such essays have a large discussion about you, your family, about your education, your aim, strengths and weaknesses. 

1. About my family and me

I am Deepak Kumar. I live in Devipur, Deoghar. It is situated in Jharkhand State. I have been a very intelligent boy since childhood.  I have a beautiful family.  My father is a doctor.

He also owns a private clinic in the city. My father is a very hard-working man. He treats the patient from dawn to dusk. He also believes in charity. My mother is a government high school teacher.

She follows a very hard daily routine. She is a very kind and gentle lady. My mother is the only lady behind the success of my father. There is great love and understanding between both of them. I have two sisters and a brother.

I am the youngest among them. My elder sister has completed L.L.B. and is a lawyer in the high court. She comes home once a week. I always admire her way of learning and performing things. She is my real inspiration.

My brother is pursuing B. Tech from IIT Delhi. He has also struggled a lot with his studies.  my younger sister and I read in the same school. She wants to become a pilot in future.

2. Education: About Myself Essay

I have a very good school which produces toppers every year. Many successful people have gained education from this school. I read in D.P.S Public School, Deoghar.

I am a student in the 4th standard. I like and respect all the teachers and their ability to teach. There are many friends in my school. We play together during the sports period. I feel very fortunate to be a student of this school. I love going to my school.

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3. My Aim in Life

I want to serve my country by becoming an I.A.S. officer in the future. The full form of I.A.S is Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the white-collar jobs in India.

This service gives you the opportunity to stay connected with rural and urban life.   For this purpose, I want to continue my studies in Arts after matriculation. I will also go to Delhi to enrol in a good coaching centre for smooth preparation. 

4. My Strength: About Myself Essay

I have developed much good strength through my parents. One of them is the value of truth and confession. They have been taught to speak the truth since childhood. I have seen the value of truth in my life many times.

The truth is the strongest pillar that needs no external support. If I commit any mistake then I am always ready to admit it as a man is the idol of mistakes. I am also good at sports.

I have been selected captain of the junior football team many times. Our football team has also played at the state level under my leadership. I also like crowd-speaking. I have won many medals in school at essay competitions.

5. My weakness

Like everybody, I also have many weaknesses. I got angry soon. I have faced very ugly moments due to this attitude. I don’t like socialising more.

I like to live alone. I have been cheated many times because I trust people very easily. I try to work on these bad habits to get them improved soon.

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6. Conclusion

I always consider myself a very lucky boy. I am a mixture of good and bad habits both like the others. Although,  I like to stay positive and work hard for my goal. I always want to make my parents proud of me by achieving the targeted goals.

Frequent-Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I write about myself as a student?

You can simply follow these steps to write yourself as a student.
1. Mention you and your family
2. Mention your education
3. Mention the aim
4. Mention your strength
5. Mention your weakness
6. Sum up the conclusion

How do you write 10 lines about yourself?

10 lines about myself

1. My name is Pawan Kumar.
2. I read in class 5th.
3. My father’s name is Ram Sewak.
4. My mother’s name is Lilawati Devi.
5. My School name is D.A.V Public School, Deoghar.
6. My favourite Subject is English.
7. My favourite teacher is V. Kumar.
8. I love watching cricket.
9. I want to become an IAS officer.
10. I love my family very much.

How do you introduce your name?

There are many ways to introduce yourself in English. In a formal way, you can start your introduction by saying hi or myself. In formal practice, you need to use hello and then tell your name. It is very important to be confident while introducing yourself. Try to maintain a smile while speaking about yourself.

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