Essay on the Environment | Essay on Environment UPSC in 2023

In this essay, Essay on the Environment we will come to know about the importance of the environment, the effect of pollution on our environment and some precautions that we should take to protect it.

1. Introduction: Essay on the Environment

The environment is the surroundings where we live and do our daily activities. It is very helpful to us in terms of survival. It supplies us with pure oxygen which is very important for human beings. The environment simply helps us to grow more physically and mentally. It provides us peace of mind and sound sleep.

It gives place to every living and non-living object on this planet. It has equal respect for all creatures. The life of a human can’t be imagined without an environment. Nature itself has the medicine for all your diseases and keeps you away from the tension and anxiety of life.

2. Importance of Environment

The environment is stretched all around us. It supplies food for everyone. We get all types of fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, etc. from the environment. Our environment supplies us with life day and night because the oxygen we inhale is the element of our environment.

It provides shelter for everyone. The forest gives us furniture and dry wood can also be used as fuel. The trees give us shadows and cool air in the summer season.   Except for shadow and wood, some trees give fruits and supplies 24 hours of oxygen.

3. Effect of pollution on the Environment

Pollution exerts a negative impact on the environment. The bike and industry chimneys release harmful gases that make the air impure.

People are cutting trees for the purpose of new construction and furniture. They are unknowingly throwing themselves in danger. The trees avoid soil erosion and help to bring rain. The acidic wastes are flown into the river without treatment causing water pollution.

Several water animals die due to this water pollution. Polluted water also becomes the cause of lethal diseases. The soil of the environment is becoming unfertile day by day due to the excessive use of fertilizers and drugs.

4. Initiative to Protect the Environment

Our constitution has many laws to maintain the greenery of nature. Many of them are not implemented on the ground level. It is also our duty to protect the environment for safer and longer life.

Our ancestors have protected many trees by giving them god or goddess names. The government should pass a law in our country to plant at least two trees per person thereafter he will deserve any government job.   

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 5. World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year worldwide to establish the value and power of the environment.

All the celebrities plant the tree and forward a great message to the common public. Many people also plant trees to keep our environment neat and clean. 

6. Conclusion: Essay on the Environment

The environment is very important to conduct a smooth life. It only does not impact our physical status but our minds too. All the creatures of this earth are important to create balance in the environment.

We must plant more and more trees to maintain the need for oxygen. Plastic should be banned and paper bags or natural baskets should be promoted to make our life longer.

It is not the duty of the government only to keep the environment neat and clean. We all have to be devoted to our environment to keep it greenery and pure.

7. Frequent-Asked Questions (FAQs)

The world environment day is important to enhance the  potection  of nature. It is our first priority  to save nature to keep our environment oxygen rich and healthy. 

They are many ways to celebrate World Environment Day. Some of the great celebraties plant a new tree on the same occasion to respond a powerful message towards green environment.

The UN General Assembly designated 5th June as World Environment day. the first World Environment Day was celebrated in 1974 under a slogan of 'Only One Earth.'World Environment Day is celebrated annualy by United States to spread the positivity of nature and to protect it for healthy and prosperous life. 

The theme is World Environment  Day is very unique every year. The theme of this year is - Reimagine, Recreate and Restore.

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