Important of Education Essay for Kids and Students | Essay on Importance of Education in 500 Words

Important of Education Essay

1.10 Lines on Importance of Education Essay

1.Education is a powerful weapon to unlock the garden of heaven.

2.A man is like an animal without a tail in the absence of education.

3.Education completely changes the thinking pattern.

4.Education brings more ways of employment.

5.It develops reading and writing skills.

6.Education makes a person responsible for his family and society.

7.Education helps to nurture communication skills.

8.Education also ensures the development of a country.

9.It charges us up with confidence to fight against the evil society.

10.Education brings complete development to human beings.

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3. Important of Education Long  Essay 


India is a land of saints and scientists. There are born many great saints and scientists in our country who took our country a step ahead on the world map. Their contribution can never be forgotten.

Education played a vital role in the life of these saints and scientists. Education is such a seed that has very vast growth in the future. Education is such a candle that takes us from darkness to brightness. It only makes never breaks us.

It puts us on the right track to achieve your goal. Education is the most required factor for our society because an educated man only understands the problem of society.

3.2 Importance of Education

Education is the only way to create a new nation. The educated population can only create a developed nation. An educated person understands the problems raises due to the population explosion, corruption, unemployment and many others.

Those countries are developed only where the literacy rate is very high. An educated person does not need employment by the government; they create employment for themselves and the others.

Education brings more opportunities for the youngsters. The new start-up business is a great example. Education empowers a person by developing self-confidence and self-reliance.

It gives us the power to oppose the evil deeds of society.  They never promote dowry, bribery and any illegal activities. Education prepares a person mentally, emotionally and intellectually.

important of education essay

3.3 Indian Education System

 The Indian education system is outdated. The education recommended in our syllabus is the perfect example of rote memorization. No textbook promotes innovative ideas. Education has simply become a source to provide a job.

The students are becoming physically strong not mentally. Our education system does not provide the opportunity to innovate and explore new ideas of learning. The government should take care of the education system.

There is no requirement to open new institutions of education but improvement is very much required. The government should take steps to bring revolution in the field of education. We have to make the people educated not literate.

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3.4 Conclusion: Important of Education Essay

Education must be provided to be the owner not to be the servant. The main purpose of education is to empower a person ‘how to think’ not ‘what to think.’ The innovative courses and scriptures must be introduced.

We must promote education for all concepts. The parents must be encouraged to send their children to school. Our country is still called a developing country because the literacy rate of India is not high. Let the world realise the true potential of our country.

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