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In this article, we will learn to write My School Essay In English for Students and Children 500+  Words

1. 10 lines Essay on My School

1.The name of my School is D.P.S Public School, Deoghar.

2.It is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

3.The building of our school is magnificent.

4.There are almost 20 classrooms, a computer lab, a library and an office in my school.

5.There are almost 25 teachers in my school.

6.All are well qualified, disciplined and punctual.

7.There are almost 3000 students read in my school.

8.My school produces toppers every year.

9. Our school students participate in sports at the district level.

10.I love going to my school very much.

2.My School Essay in English

3. Essay on My School in 500+ Words

3.1 Introduction

School is the temple of education. We go to school to gain knowledge and improve our communication skills. Our home is our first school where our parents give us basic knowledge.

Later, We are admitted to a school to complete up to 12th Board education. We learn many things from our merits and demerits in school. Some teachers teach us various subjects.

The exams are conducted from time to time to measure our productivity. We start school in tears of sorrow and leaves in tears of happiness. We get an everlasting memory from our school life. We create a lot of fun on picnics and other occasions.

3.2 About My School

My School name is Delhi Public School, Deoghar. It is an English medium school affiliated with C.B.S.E, New Delhi. The building of our school is very attractive and elegant.

There are two different buildings in our school. One is for senior and the other is for junior classes. There are 30 classrooms, a computer lab, a library and an office in our school.

All the classrooms are neat, clean and painted. There are almost 35 teachers in my school who are well educated, disciplined and punctual.

They have a very impressive style of teaching. There are almost 3000 students in our school. All the students are hardworking, disciplined and dedicated to their studies. There is a seminar hall and smart classroom in our school.

Smart class is conducted once a week. The seminar hall is for small events of the school. There is also a well-managed park in our school. We spend time during lunch and play during the sports period.

Our school campus is fenced all around. Our school looks very attractive from the outside.

my school essay in english

3.3Importance of School

If the foundation of a building is strong, it lasts long. Similarly, our school strengthens the foundation. We develop language skills in school.

We develop discipline, teamwork, self-dependency, punctuality and many more qualities that help us a lot in the struggle of life.

Our school makes us powerful to tackle any odd situation. The journey of school is blended with joys and happiness.

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3.4 Conclusion: My School Essay in English

School life brings enormous changes in our life. It makes our life heaven. It adds many beauties and takes our life from the world of darkness to brightness.

It teaches us how to bounce back in life. The pleasant memory of school always remains in the heart of a student.

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