Essay about Social Media- Advantages and Disadvantages | Essay about Social Media Addiction in 200 Words

Social media is a virtual society of people in which they interact, share photos, memes, videos and send messages across the world. In other words, social media is a digital platform where a person interacts with others virtually. In this article, essay about social media, I am going to share the pros and cons of social media.


Social media is a very good platform to connect with the world digitally, especially in the 21st century. It is becoming a great source to communicate and stay in touch because most people have no time for social gatherings due to jobs and family commitments. We are living a very narrowed life in the absence of physical society. People used to sit and share the daily challenges in society earlier when there was no internet but the internet has snatched our social gatherings and we use Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, telegram, tinder etc to maintain the social gap. We are rapidly adopting such digital social platforms without knowing their pros and cons. We even don’t know when did we meet with our mom – dad and touch their feet physically to get their blessings? Social media has increased the gap between relationships and forced us to live alone for momentary happiness.  

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Benefits of Social Media

Connect the people digitally: Social media has connected people globally and reduced the distance between the two. At this time, we can get in touch with our classmates through many social apps for free. It also keeps us updated with the happenings around the world. Technology has made human life very faster.

Helps in promoting business: Social media has become one of the great platforms to promote your business. There are counted people around the world who do not use any social media platform. Hence, big companies promote their business on large scale. They can easily select the age groups and can put the ads to get great profits.

An excellent way to Communicate: It is also an excellent way to communicate the people globally for free. You can establish a chat with your long-distance friends in a moment. You can also share photos, videos and memes on their birthdays. Such platforms are boon to find a friend with whom you have not been in touch for a long time.

Networking: Social media are used by millions and billions of people all across the world. You can create a separate fan base of yours to whom you can influence in many ways. You can sell them anything according to their need. It is well said that networking is another name of the business.

Increases employment: Social media has proved its strength in generating employment for decades. At this time, you can send your resume to big MNCs and organise a virtual interview with them. If you are running an organisation then you can hire good employ as per your requirement for free and quick.

Positive impact on Education Sector: With the arrival of social media, the education sector is booming. Now, educators can teach the students across the world sitting in a village and a student can get quality education on their mobile phone at an affordable price. Teachers can connect with the students easily with the invention of new teaching aids.

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Disadvantages of Social Media

Memory Loss: Social media is the main reason for memory loss. Today, We sometimes forget our important work too and can’t save anything for a long time in our mind. Such platforms also reduce our learning power and stamina. More use of social media can exert a negative influence on our creativity too.

Lack of Concentration: We lack a lot of concentration on anything in the absence of meditation. We don’t have time to do some mental and physical activities that can enhance our concentration power. We use our free time on social media for trivial entertainment.

Spread negativity and rumours: Social media are used on large scale to defame famous personalities without knowing the truth. Users post anything against any caste, religion and people to insult them. Many rumours and negative news are also there that make no sense.

Brings stress and anxiety: It also harms us on the mental level. It is the reason for stress and anxiety that a social media user is facing today. The meaningless notifications develop mental disbalance and keep the people busy on mental and physical levels. The wave coming out of the cell phone or laptops during the use of such platforms makes a person physically and mentally weak.

Cause of time loss: According to the research, an average person spends around 2 or 2.5 hours on social media in a day. The same time can be given to the family or society members to build a good bonding or a strong relationship.

Impact on teenagers: a teenager gets influenced by social media. They follow the trends and copy the lifestyle of stars. In this way, they get a lot of physical or mental loss and becomes negative in life. They consume many adult contents that take them away from their goals. It also put obstacles in their academic education.

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Essay about Social Media: Conclusion

The real face of Social media can be revealed on the basis of its usage. It becomes the source of livelihood for digital marketers and influencers whereas seems very dangerous when a student engulfs himself or herself on social media without caring about their goal of life. It is useful if used in positive ways.

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