My Aim in Life Essay in 100, 150,200 & 250 Words | Essay on My Aim in Life

We must have an aim in life. Without having an aim, a man is like a boat of no direction. In this article My Aim in Life Essay, We have provided a long essay of almost 200 words.

My Aim in Life Essay

I want to serve my country by becoming an I.A.S. officer in the future. The full form of I.A.S is Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the white-collar jobs in India. This service gives you the opportunity to stay connected with both rural and urban life.   For this purpose, I want to continue my studies in Arts after matriculation. I will also go to Delhi to enrol in a good coaching centre for smooth preparation. 

My Strength

I have developed much good strength through my parents. One of them is the value of truth and confession. They have been taught to speak the truth since childhood. I have seen the value of truth in my life many times. The truth is the strongest pillar that needs no external support. If I commit any mistake then I am always ready to admit it as a man is the idol of mistakes. I am also good at sports. I have been selected captain of the junior football team many times. Our football team has also played at the state level under my leadership. I also like crowd-speaking. I have won many medals in school at essay competitions.

My weakness

Like everybody, I have also many weaknesses. I got angry soon. I have faced very ugly moments due to this attitude. I don’t like socialising more. I like to live alone. I have been cheated many times because I trust people very easily. I try to work on these bad habits to get them improved soon.

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I always consider myself a very lucky boy. I am a mixture of good and bad habits both like the others. Although,  I like to stay positive and work hard for my goal. I always want to make my parents proud of me by achieving the targeted goals.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the aim of my life essay?

The aim of my life essay simply determines the goal or target of your life. The aim is something that you want to achieve when you are grown up or in the future. Having an aim fixes your path and keeps you motivated to achieve that.

What is your aim?

I want to become a doctor in my life because this profession fascinates me very deeply. It is such a platform where you can help millions of people.

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