My Hobby Essay 200 Words | My Hobby Essay for Class 12

A hobby has great significance in our life. It removes the pressure of professional life and keeps the physical and mental anxiety away from us. Hobby works like engine oil for us.

It always enhances our working capability and finds the best use of our leisure time. In the article, my hobby essay, we will come to know the importance of hobbies in our life.

My Hobby Essay: Introduction

A hobby is directly connected to our interest in what we like to do in our free time. A person loves to play, read, dance, sing etc in his or her extra time, so this is a hobby for him or her. A hobby has nothing to do with your age.

Everybody must have a hobby because it refreshes our minds from time to time and saves us from our daily routine. Hobby keeps our minds sharp and excels in our memory power. Without a hobby, a man is alive only not enjoying life because a hobby brings great enthusiasm and removes mental stress from our life.

Some hobbies keep us physically fit and keep us away from many diseases whereas some are good for mental exercise which creates an entry barrier to anxiety.

My Hobby

I have many hobbies. Among them, I love reading biographical novels and gardening in my free time. Reading novels constructs the psychological brain and helps to understand the deep and harsh reality of great personalities.

Biographical novels are full of events of those people who have lived the same life and encouraged themselves during the odd times. It keeps the stories of impossible to possible journey, a dark to bright life, a hopeless end to endless hope and the moment of breaking to cracking.  

It kicks a person to do something big and realise the true potential of life. A biographical novel does nothing but fuel a man with positive desires and a will to never stop till the goal is hit. I have the resolution to hit at least 100 biographical novels till the year closes.

I always get inspired by the life of golden achievers. I love planting trees. It keeps our environment green and oxygen-rich. Trees are the enemies of pollution and help us to live a long and disease-free life.  I always plant a tree in a month in my garden and take complete responsibility for its care until it is not young.

I water all the plants and love to talk with the little plants. They respond to my love in different gestures. I am very much satisfied and happy with my life because of gardening nature.

Importance of Hobbies

A man or woman needs some space away from their professional life. The modern world is full of tension, and depression. anxiety etc. They need a little peace out of their professional life.   A man gets tired from his office and needs some time to refresh his mind and hobby fulfil the same space.

A woman feels bored by daily household work and needs to follow her interest. So, the hobby seems a boon for both men and women both. Even a child these days is in depression due to the career pressure in life.

A hobby can help a student to think in positive ways and can bring career growth. In the modern era, a hobby can be turned into an aim and a person can generate lots of money that can manage all his dream finances.

Conclusion: My Hobby Essay

We are human beings and cannot work continuously like a machine. We need some break in our regular work and listen to our hearts. The hobby is the only way to reduce our professional load and keep moving in a smooth way.

A hobby is a great source to hunt for happiness. In the modern world, everybody is busy with their respective work. Even, though we don’t have much time to spend with our family members. We are running to catch everything in the world but sometimes lose our loved ones because of the communication gap and not being in regular touch.

The children are unable to share their feelings and feel depressed. The hobby can help them to conquer their depressed life. The hobby can make you stress-free and help to scale your career.

Frequent-Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.Do hobbies make you happy?

A hobby in life can definitely make you happy. It makes your daily routine easier and provides the potential to handle your professional work. In other words, a hobby keeps your childhood alive in your adulthood.

Q. What are your hobbies as a student?

my hobby essay

My hobbies are listed below:
a. Cooking
b. Reading novels
c. Playing cricket
d. Watching television
e. Gardening
f. listening to the music
g. art and craft

Q. What is a hobby short answer?

A hobby is an activity that you like to act in your leisure time. It can be either planting, reading a novel or playing any games.

What is a hobby in life?

A hobby is an activity that simply transfers happiness and keeps you enthusiastic. Such activities are based on your mood and choice and are done without any pressure.

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