Value of Books Essay for Students and children | Value of Books and Reading in 2021

In this we shall be knowing about the Value of Books Essay for Students and Children. Books are the constant mate in our life we can’t ignore its importance.

1.10 Lines Essay on Value of Books Essay

1.Books are a wonderful weapon to victory over the world.

2.Books enhance our listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

3.It helps us to boost creativity and imagination.

4.Reading books add powerful vocabulary and communication skills.

5.Books are the primary sources of a learned.

6.Books keep the hidden pleasure as well as the treasure of knowledge.

7.Reading books increase our focus time as well as help to correct our pronunciation.

8.We can achieve mental peace by reading books.

9.Many great people fall into the habit of reading new books. 

10.Books are the only solution to every problem.

Value of Books Essay Video Lecture

3.Value of Books Essay 500+ Words

3.1 Introduction: Value of Books Essay

 Books are the treasure of knowledge. We gain knowledge through books that help us to build my powerful goal. It is also the source of powerful motivation. Reading a book gives a lot of benefits.

It excels our thinking power in a comprehensive way. Reading books help us to build vocabulary and correct our pronunciation. Those people are very prosperous and successful who are in the habit of reading books.

Every successful businessman loves reading a new book every month. The book turns your dream into a clear cut goal and becomes the backbone of your long journey. The knowledge of books makes the impossible things possible.

value of books

3.2 Book: A constant Companion

A book is the constant companion of a man. It removes the rust of the mind and feeds new and useful information. A person life is incomplete without education and education directly links us to powerful books.

It is our loneliness partner which supplies positive energy and takes us out of depression. The secret of success is reading books and implementing new ideas in our brains.

The very successful people always prefer books in their leisure time. They think that books can teach them 100 times better than a coach. Buying a book also costs a little which is affordable for a common reader too.  

3.3 Importance of Reading Good Books

Good food and books keep your life very healthy. Good books create a good mind with positive thoughts. It also helps to control negative emotions and energy.

Good books follow like a shadow and keep us on track to success. Reading habit gives you a peaceful and healthy mind. It also brings enormous pleasure.

3.4 Education History of India

Our country has been a source of knowledge for other countries. Many students from different countries used to visit our country for gaining an education. Many prominent universities like Nalanda University, Taxila University and many others were established to promote education to the common man.

Many great epics were scripted in our country which has been translated into many languages. There were born many saints and learned in our country who always made the nation proud with their powerful learning abilities. The zero was defined by an Indian mathematician and scholar named Brahmagupta.

He had also written the rules of mathematical operations like addition and subtraction using zero. Later, zero was used in the decimal system by Aryabhatta, a great mathematician and astronomer.

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3.5  Conclusion: Value of Books

We should always value books because we can change the way of learning but the source of knowledge can’t be replaced. The physical existence of books is vanishing but the source of knowledge still books.

We celebrate World Book Day on 23rd April every year to establish the impact of books.

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