My Family Essay for Students and Children | Why I Love My Family Essay in 2021

My Family Essay for All Classes

 10 Lines on My Family Essay

1.I have a very beautiful family.

2.My family is a joint family.

3.I have very loving parents.

4.My father is a Bank Officer.

5.My mother is a teacher.

6.I have 2 uncles and 2 aunties.

7.Both the uncles are businessmen.

8.Both the aunties are homemakers.

9.My grandmother and grandfather take major decisions for the family.

10.I love my family very much.

My Family Essay for Junior Students

Family is a very special gift given on part of God. My name is Deepak. I have God blessed joint family. There are 16 members in our family.

All are very loving and caring. My family lives in Devipur, Deoghar. It is a very nice and clean city. I have two uncles and two aunties in my family.

I have also four cousins. My grandfather and grandmother live with us. They both love me very much.

my family essay

I have very strict and caring parents. They have nurtured me very affectionately. They have done everything for me. My father is a doctor. He is very loyal in his profession.

He believes in the philosophy of helping others. He is a very busy man although he never gave me a chance to complain for quality time. He always cooks on Sunday for us. My mother is a teacher.

She is a very kind lady. She is the busiest person ever I have seen in my life. My mother cooks for everyone in the family along with my aunties. It is very hard for her to take a rest during the day. She is the real inspiration for me.


my family essay


We are 4 brothers and 3 sisters including my cousins. Among all, my sister is the elder. She has completed M.B.A in Finance and got a Job in Tata Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Rakesh, my youngest uncle’s son is the eldest among all brothers. He is doing B. Tech from I.I.T, Delhi. The rest of us are pursuing our academics.

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my family essay


My eldest uncle is also a doctor. He helps my father in the hospital. He keeping a very good bonding with my father because of the same profession. My eldest aunt is a stenographer.

She is really very hard working. She has also a breastfeeding baby who is only one year old. My youngest uncle is a Builder. He owns a company too.  He is very funny and dear to me.

He is my ideal uncle. He is my friend cum uncle. My youngest aunt is a homemaker. She is my all-time favourite lady at my house. We never hesitate to share any talk with her.


my family essay


Our grandparents are the head of the family. Our uncles including my father never take any decision without his approval. My grandfather is the backbone of our family. He is M.A in English and a very fluent speaker. 

He is the real struggler of our family. He is a banyan tree for our family. I have a very pleasant and hardworking family. I really feel proud to be a part of this family.

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