Time Telling Tricks for Beginners in English

We exist in the modern era where no men or women are seen with wristwatches for timing purposes. There is no doubt the watches are replaced by mobile phones. Yet, the traditional way of asking time is still in culture. Here, you can get 7 dynamic ways to ask and get time from the others. Let’s enjoy reading our article topic, Time Telling Tricks for Beginners in English

Some ways to ask the timing

What time is it?

What’s the time?

What’s the time by your watch?

What’s the time now?

(समय क्या हुआ है? )

 To be polite:

Could you tell me the time, please?

May I have the time?

 (क्या आप मुझे समय बता सकते हैं। )


Type – 1

It’s 9 o’clock.

(9 बजा है। )

It’s 5 o’clock.

It’s 2 o’clock.

 Note 1: The full form of “o’clock” is “of the clock”.

 Note 2:

A.M – Ante Meridiem

P. M – Post Meridiem

Time Telling Tricks for Beginners in English Video Lecture



Type -2

It’s 10 past 9.

(9  बजकर मिनट 10 हुआ है। )

It’s 11 past 3.

It’s 10 past 10.


It’s 9 10.

(9  बजकर मिनट 10 हुआ है। )

It’s 3 11.

It’s 10 10.


Type -3

It’s quarter past 10.

(10:15 बजा है। )

Or It’s  10 15.


Type – 4

It’s half past 10.

(10:30 बजा है। )

Or It’s 10 30.


Type 5

It’s 25 to 11.

(11 बजने में 25 बाकी है।

Or It’s 10 35.

(10  बजकर 35-minute हुआ है। )

 It’s 20 to 11.

Or It’s 10 40.

Time Telling Tricks


Type -6

It’s quarter to 11.

(पौने 11  बजे हैं। )

 Or it’s 10 45.

( 10 बजकर 45-minute हुआ है। )

 Type -7

It’s 12 noon.

Or It’s midday. (दोपहर )

Or It’s 12 o’clock.

It’s 12 midnight. ( आधी रात )


 On – Day, Month, Date, Birthday के पहले

In –  Year, Weather के पहले

At – Time of Watch के पहले


She will be absent on Monday.

I passed standard 10th in 2012.

He is to come here at 10 o’clock.

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