Noun and Its Meaning With S or ES

Let observe Noun and Its Meaning With S or Es

As you all know that we get a plural form of a noun by adding s or es. But, we must know that there are some countable and uncountable nouns that change their meaning if added s with them.

1.Force (बल)                               



Force is a very essential topic of Physics.

He is in the Indian Armed Forces.

2.People Nation ( लोग)                          

  Peoples  Nations (राष्ट्र)

Noun and Its Meaning With S or ES

Some Nouns change its meaning if added ‘S’


The people of India are Sober

U.S.A and China are two peoples on this globe

3.Way (रास्ता)                              

 Ways (तरीका)


This way can’t lead you to Mumbai

The ways of your study are not good to crack Jee- Exam

4.Water drinkable liquid (पानी)                             

Waters  Sea (समुन्द्र)


This water is not good

This is the widest waters of India

5.Work( काम)                              

Works (रचनाए)

Work is worship


There are many great literary works of Shakespeare

6.Good  Benefit (अच्छा)                            

Goods  (Raw material)  (सामान)


He is good at behaviour

Goods are sold on M.R.P

7.Advice ( सूचना)                         

 Advices (सुचाएँ)


The doctor has given him a piece of advice to wake up early in the morning for better health

There are many advices available  against corona in the public domain 

8.Air  atmosphere (हवा)                                  

Airs arrogance (अहंकार)


There is air all around

His airs played  an important role in his downfall

9.Colour (रंग)                         

Colours (झंडा)


Pink is the favourite colour of girls

India has very impressive colours

10.Wood (लकड़ी)                        

Woods (जंगल)


This is a  piece of wood

These woods are very famous in whole over the world

11.Sand (बालू)                           

 Sands (मरुस्थल)


This fine sand  is in huge demand

Thar sands are the 17th largest desert in World

12.Iron a metal (लोहा)                      

 Irons fetters (हथकड़ी)


This is an iron rod

The irons are very strong

13.Land (जमीन)                          

 Lands (देश)


This land is on sale

India is the lands of many festivals

14. Custom-Habit      

Customs – taxes paid on imports


 Custom decides your future

Customs is paid on goods

15.Manner- Method     

Manners- Good  behaviour


This is not a professional manner to do business

Good manners show your upbringing

16.Quarter – one fourth  part            

Quarters – Lodgings


There is quarter wine in the bottle

This is S.B.I headquarters

17.Ground Earth    

Grounds- reasons


 I am playing on the ground

He is in the lock-up for several grounds

18.Light radiance                             

 Lights – lamps


 The velocity of light is 300000 km per second

We use lights in the absence of  electricity

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