Wh Questions Family Lists and Examples

 Let’s gather some idea on the use of Wh Questions Family Lists and Examples

Whose-किसका /जिसका


Whose pen is this?

Whose flat is this that you want to put on rent?


Whom-किसे/किससे /किसको


Whom do you like the most?

Whom do you want to suggest as the next Principal of this school?


How many –कितने


How many people have applied for British citizenship?

How many vaccinated candidates are standing outside?


How much –कितना


How much milk do you sell in the market every day?

How much rice is produced in Jharkhand?

 Until when-कब तक


Until when will you wait for him?

Until when will you remain single?

Since when-कब से


Since when have you been teaching in this school?

Since when have they been working in this factory?

 From when –कब से


From when have they started wine?

From when they are brave?

 For how long- कितना देर  से


For how long are you waiting?

For how long are they looking after them?

 With whom- किसके साथ


 To whom are you playing cricket?

With whom are you sitting in the class?

 For whom-किसके लिए


For whom are you saving money?

For whom did Mahatma Gandhi fight?

 About whom –किसके बारे में


About whom are you complaining?

About whom are you talking?

 Towards whom-किसकी तरफ


Towards whom is a child going?

Towards whom has the postman gone?

 By whom –किसके द्वारा


By whom is this statue inaugurated?

By whom is our Prime Minister elected?

 From where –कहाँ से /जहाँ से


From where are you coming?

From where you are applying?

 What for-किसलिए /जिसलिये

You are reading now Wh Questions Family Lists and Examples


Wh Questions Family, List and Examples


 My dad will give him money what for if he does not manage his family properly.

The teacher takes the tests what for if the students are not performing better.

 How beautiful-कितनी सुन्दर


How beautiful is she by face and nature both?

How beautiful my mother is so my sister.

 How far-कितना दूर


How far have they reached?

How far have they tried to get justice?

 How soon-कितनी जल्दी


How soon are you coming to visit us?

How soon are you expecting a baby?

 In what way-किस तरह से


I always remember in what way they have insulted me.

In what way, you are making your impossible journey possible.

 What else- और क्या


What else do you need?

What else are you doing except your business?

 Whatsoever-जो कुछ भी


I will become an IAS Officer whatsoever the circumstances are.

Whatsoever do you have to share with me as I am running through the odd situation?

 What type of-किस तरह का


What type of person is Ram?

What type of officer is Ajit Doval Sir?

 When so ever-जब कभी


When so ever you visit Deoghar, do come my home.

 Whereas –जबकि


Sanya and Anaksha are best friends whereas they are different in various choices.

The C.B.S.E has board has canceled the  10th examination whereas the J.A.C board is still in confusion.

 Which type- किस प्रकार का


Which type of products is this company producing?

Which types of wood do this forest produce?


Whoever- जो कोई भी


Whoever will be the winner, will be given a Lamborghini.

Whoever will try to cross the border will be killed.

How come-  किस तरह / कैसे


How come do you know that I am a teacher.

How come did the P.M know that Pakistan could be nailed down through a surgical strike.

 At what time- कितने बजे


At what time, do you wake up?

At what time, do you go to bed?

 Note: Each Wh- family Word takes a helping verb with it to develop question sense.

Note 2: If any wh-family word does not take a helping verb with it, the meaning comes in answer.

Note 3: Who is used is living beings and which is referred to as a non-living object.

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