Discovering Tut the Saga Continues MCQ I Discovering Tut the Saga Continues MCQ Class 11

Discovering Tut the Saga Continues MCQ

In this article, Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues is written by A R Williams. The chapter gives an insight into the mystery surrounding the life and death of Tutankhamun, the last teenage ruler of the powerful Pharaoh dynasty that had been ruled Egypt for centuries. Check out – Discovering Tut the Saga Continues MCQ with … Read more

Figure of Speech with Example, Notes, Definitions, Types and Usage l Figure of Speech for Academic and Competitive in 2023

Figure of Speech with Example

In this article, We will get a detailed explanation of the Figure of Speech with Example, definitions, Types and usage in the poem. A figure of Speech Definition and Examples A figure of Speech is also known as a literary device or literary term. It is widely used to enhance the beauty of the sentence. … Read more

The Laburnum Top MCQ for Class 11 I Class 11 the Laburnum Top MCQ

The Laburnum Top MCQ

The poem, The Laburnum Top is written by Ted Huges. The beautiful poem talks about the mutual relationship of a Laburnum Tree and goldfinch which has built a nest in it. We have provided here MCQ questions with answers.. The MCQs are very important from the exam point of view. Check out – The Laburnum … Read more

We’re Not Afraid to Die Class 11 MCQ I MCQ of We’re Not Afraid to Die

We're Not Afraid to Die Class 11 MCQ

In this article, “We’re Not Afraid to Die…… If We Can All Be Together” is written by Gordan Cook and Alan East. The chapter teaches the value of unity among relations. The writer also asks us to get stronger when we are surrounded by the problems. Let see the mcqs and video lecture of this … Read more

The Portrait of a Lady MCQ (Class 11th English Core: Sci. Com. and Arts) I The Portrait of a Lady Online Test

The Portrait of a Lady MCQ

In this article, we will read the MCQs The Portrait of a Lady MCQ by Khushwant Singh. The story highlights the value of love and attention that can be generally seen in the joint family. 1.The grandmother accompanied her family to see off and receive………. a.Grand daughter b.Grand son c.Grand children               d.NOT 2. The grandmother … Read more

Essay about Social Media- Advantages and Disadvantages | Essay about Social Media Addiction in 200 Words

essay about social media

Social media is a virtual society of people in which they interact, share photos, memes, videos and send messages across the world. In other words, social media is a digital platform where a person interacts with others virtually. In this article, essay about social media, I am going to share the pros and cons of … Read more

Application for the Job for Class 11 and 12| Application for Job Vacancy, Topics, Formats, Examples

application for the job

In this article, We will come to know the formats, topics and examples of Application for the Job. Such type of application is written for job purposes. Application for the Job Format Sender’s Address Date Receiver’s Address Sub:  Application for the Post of ………………………………………. Sir/Madam,       In response to your advertisement in the (Newspaper Name) of … Read more

My Hobby Essay 200 Words | My Hobby Essay for Class 12

my hobby essay

A hobby has great significance in our life. It removes the pressure of professional life and keeps the physical and mental anxiety away from us. Hobby works like engine oil for us. It always enhances our working capability and finds the best use of our leisure time. In the article, my hobby essay, we will … Read more

(NCERT) Going Places Class 12 Solutions, and MCQs | Going Places Summary

Going Places Class 12 Solutions

In this article, You will get Going Places Class 12 Solutions along with the theme, main points, summary and difficult words. The story, going places revolves around the story of a girl, Sophie who has no boundaries in her imagination and loses herself in the world of fantasy. Going Places: About the Writer A R … Read more

Season of India in English | 6 Seasons in India

season of india

India is the land of different seasons. Spring, Summer, Rainy Season (Monsoon), Autumn, Pre-winter and Winter are the six-season of India.  Seasons establish the law of nature and help people to nurture their life. The change in season is very much required according to the time. The season in different parts of India changes with altitude, … Read more