Essay on My Best Friend for children and Students | 500 Words Essay on My Best Friend

500+ Words Essay on My Best Friend for Children and Students 


‘A friend in need is a friend indeed ‘  this great quote defines the true meaning of friendship. Friendship should never be judged upon likings and disliking.

It is okay you both share similar tastes in many things.  It must be bounded with understanding and loyalty. A true friendship changes every aspect of life and leaves a pleasant memory forever.

We meet numberless people in our academic and career life but a few people come closer to our life and one of them becomes our best friend who steps together in all walks of life.

 I also have an incredible journey with my best friend who accepted me in all even-odd moments of my life.

The Journey of Our Friendship

We share a little dark moment in our friendship. It was April 2006. I was in standard four in R. N Tagore Academy, Madhupur. 

I came to refill my water bottle at the hand pump during the lunch break. This was my first contact with my present friend. The bell was to ring and we were in a hurry. Suddenly, Pulkit snatched my bottle and threw it out of campus.

I became angry and applied a solid punch to his face. Later, the fight came in compromise at the Principal’s office. We were similar in nature and studies. Hence, we became true friends.

The journey of our friendship became stronger when our family tied the bond of friendship too. Our family has celebrated Diwali, Holi and Chhat together many times.

We keep a lot of outings memory in academic life. We wish that we will still be together in our careers. 

His Hobbies, Career and Family Background 

My friend, Pulkit is now 14 years old. He is tall and fair in complexion. He is a 9th class student in D.P.S Public School, Deoghar.

His father is a teacher in a High School. He is a true example of simplicity. His mother is a homemaker. She is very much successful to transfer good habits and etiquette in Pulkit.

The complete family stays together in the Deoghar district. He likes to play cricket and represented his district many times and won awards too.

essay on my best friend

Conclusion- Essay on My Best Friend

A true friend is like a shadow of yours who always stays with you. He has the courage to say you’re wrong and right both at different times.

What we can’t share with our family members is sometimes we share those matters too with our friends. Pulkit has many qualities that keep us in touch and help us to nurture our friendship.

He has a very good habit of helping needy people. He always gives me the good lesson in life. One of his best teachings is to help others at a crucial time.

Friendship is not a blood relation but blood must have a relationship like friendship. I like Pulkit very much as my friend and always pray from God to bring more success ahead in his life.

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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.Why do I like my best friend?
OR What do real friends mean to you?

I like my best friend very much because we share some similar tastes as well as he always helps me in a crucial time. He also motivates me to achieve something big and universal in my life.

Q. What is friendship in one word?


Q.Why are best friends so special?

Best friends are always special because they are those who support you in both odd and even times. He is someone who can be trusted blindly.

Q.Why is friendship important?

A friend is the only person in the world with whom we can share anything. In some cases, things are out of our control and we fear to consult even with our parents. At this time, our friend standby and try to sort out the matter in the best possible ways.

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