Question Tags, Rules and Examples

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A question tag is a grammatical structure where a declarative or imperative sentence is changed into interrogative with the addition of a question fragment.

There are two types of statement

1.Affirmative (Positive)


Rule No 1: If the statement is positive then the question fragment will be negative.

(S+ H.V + M.V +O ,  H.V+ not + S ? )


S- You play football.

Q.T – You play football, don’t you?

 Rule No 2: If the statement is negative then the question fragment will be positive.

(S+ H.V + not + M.V +O ,  H.V + S ? )


S- You don’t read English.

Q.T – You don’t read English, do you?

Note: Question fragment must be in contraction form.

Rule No: 3 If the statement has such words as ( Seldom, Neither, Never, No one, Nobody, Nothing, None, Hardly, scarcely, a little, a few e.t.c) then question fragment must be positive.


S-I know a little about him?

Q.T – I know a little about him, do I?

 S- I have a little oil.

Q.T- I have a little oil, do I?

OR I have a little oil, have I?

 S- A barking dog seldom bites.

Q.T – A barking dog seldom bites, does he?

Rule no- 4: If the subject is I, we, you, you, he, she, it, they then repeat the subject to form a question tag.


S- I helped him.

Q.T – I helped him, didn’t I?

 S- I write a letter.

Q.T – I write a letter, don’t I?

Rule no- 5: If the subject is a name, put pronoun of the same name.


S- Pushpa knocks at the door.

Q.T – Pushpa knocks at the door, doesn’t she?

 S- I and my parents are going to school.

Q.T –  I and my parents are going to school, aren’t they?

S- Kamal dances on the stage.

Q.T – Kamal dances on the stage, doesn’t he?

 Rule No: 6- If the subject is someone no one, nobody, everyone, none, anyone, anybody, use ‘they’ in the question fragment.


S- No one has seen God.

Q.T – No one has seen God, have they?

 S-Someone is playing cricket.

Q.T– Someone is playing cricket, aren’t they?

 S-  Nobody is absent today.

Q.T – Nobody is absent today, aren’t they?

question tags

Rule No 7: If the subject is:

There- There

One- one

This/ That – It

These/ Those- They


This is mine.

This is mine, isn’t it?

This boy came yesterday.

This boy came yesterday, didn’t he?

Rule No 8: If the subject is:

Nothing – It

Something- It

Anything- It

Everything – It


Something is there.

Something is there, isn’t it?

Nothing can happen to him.

Nothing can happen to him, can it?

Rule No 9: If the subject is:

All of us- we

All of them- they

All of you- you

Both of you- you

None of us-  we

Either of you- you


S- All of us are going to visit the Taj Mahal.

Q.T- All of us are going to visit the Taj Mahal, aren’t we?

 S- Both of you are naughty

Q.T – Both of you are naughty, aren’t you?

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