World Water Day is Celebrated on | World Water Day Theme 2021

Let’s start our discussion, world water day is celebrated on the 22nd of March?

Why is World Water Day Celebrated on 22nd March?

 World Water Day is celebrated on the 22nd of March every year to spread awareness among mankind. Water is a very important resource for human life. We even can’t imagine our life without water.

We need water for maximum activities. The almighty God has provided this priceless resource free to us and he does apply any tax on use. Many countries are there on this globe have water scarcity. The people have to suffer a lot in the absence of water.

They are unable to get plenty of water even for their daily essential activities. We are lucky enough and blessed by god. We must understand the value of every drop and make it worth in our daily life.

It should not be wasted at any cost. We have many tomorrows if there is plenty of water otherwise the human life will come to an end very soon. We must take initiative to save water to save a life. 

world water day is celebrated on

Some Amazing Facts on World Water Day

World water day was first proposed in 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro.

World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March every year to bring awareness to the use of water.

The celebration of this day was first started by the United Nations in 1993.

The blue colour water drop represents world water day.

Many of the oldest civilizations like the Indus Valley Civilization, Harappan Civilization and Ancient Egyptian Civilization was developed on the bank of prominent rivers.

A major part of freshwater is wasted in the Industry during the manufacturing of several needy things.

The government and many other NGOs are trying to save water but only possible when we people support them.

Deforestation, wrong and excessive use of natural resources, pollution are some of the major reasons for freshwater scarcity.

Water covers almost 71% of the total earth but only 1% is drinkable.

There is One billion 40 cubic kilolitres (एक अरब 40 घन किलोलिटर) water on this earth.97.5 % is found in seas which is salty. 1.5 is in ice form which is Pole territories and the rest 1% is available in wells, waterfalls and lakes which is drinkable.

 2 people are deprived to get pure water from 10 people in the world.

Every year, 2,97,000 children (under 5 years) die due to diarrhoea caused by unsafe and dirty water use as per the report of WHO.

50 lakh litre water is wasted in Mumbai to wash the vehicle on daily basis.

A common Indian woman has to cover a distance of 4 miles (6.4 km) to bring water every day.

22 lakh people die over the world with the disease caused by the use of polluted water.

In a survey, it is found that a running tap loses 25-30 litre water in 5 minutes.

A healthy man needs 3 litres and an animal needs 50-litre water to drink in a day.

A child dies of water associated illness every 21 seconds in the world.

Asia has more polluted rivers in the world.

Good water management is new hope for our tomorrow. 

Word Water Day Theme

world water day is celebrated on


Annual Theme of World Water Day




Valuing the Water


Water and Climate Change


Leaving No One Behind


Nature-based solutions


Why Waste Water


Better Water, Better Jobs


Water and Sustainable Development


Water and Energy


International Year of Co-operation


Water and Food Security


Water for Cities


Clean Water for a Healthy World


Special Focus on Transboundary Waters




Coping with Water Scarcity


Water and Culture


Water for Life


Water and Disasters


Water for Future


Water for Development


Water for Health


Water for the Twenty-first Centurion

I hope you guys have like my amazing points on why world water day is celebrated on the 22nd of March?

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