My Favorite Teacher Essay for All Classes | My Favourite Teacher in 10 Lines

My Favorite Teacher Essay for All Classes

10 Lines on My Favorite Teacher Essay

  1. A teacher plays a vital role in shaping the career of a student.
  2. Mr V Kumar Sir is my favourite teacher.
  3. He teaches English and Science to us.
  4. He is also our class teacher.
  5. He is highly qualified and his teaching style is very impressive.
  6. He is a very disciplined and punctual person.
  7. His dressing sense is very good.
  8. He comes to school regularly and cares for all the students.
  9. He plays football with us in sports period.
  10. We are very lucky to have a teacher like him and love him very much.

My Favorite Teacher Essay 500+ Words

I read in D.A.V School, Bokaro. There are almost 50 teachers in my school.  All are well qualified and dedicated to their works. I like them all.

But, V. Kumar Sir is my favourite teacher. He is tall in height and fair in complexion. He is 45 years old. He belongs to Ranchi, Jharkhand but stays beside my house with his family.

He teaches English and Science. His teaching style is very simple. All students are fans of his teaching style. He always encourages poor students to ask questions for better understanding. He always motivates us to do better in life.

Many students have already become very successful under his guidance. He has been teaching for 16 years and has taught millions of students. He loves his school very much.

He comes to school every day and never takes leave without a solid reason. His passion for teaching is undefined. He tries different techniques to solve a question in many ways.

His effort for his students is incredible. He has a very positive attitude and always keeps a smile on his face. He respects all the junior and senior teachers. All the teachers also respect him a lot for his generous nature.

The students always keep him in their hearts. He is the only teacher with zero haters in our school. He believes in simple living and high thinking.

His journey of success was not so easy. He belongs to a lower-middle-class family. His home is situated in a village where there is no proper facility for education.

He used to travel 3 km per day to attend school. His matriculation was from a government school. Later, he came to a city to get higher education.

my favorite teacher essay

Since childhood, he wanted to become a teacher because he has seen the lack of education facilities in his village. He took English as his honours in B. A degree and took forward in M.A too. He has earned a B. Ed degree just a few years ago.

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We are lucky enough to have him as our teacher cum friend. He also solves our financial problems. He has devoted his life to education only. He visits door to door and motivates the guardian to send their ward to school.

He is also a permanent member of many NGOs that are working better in the field of deprived children. He has been awarded by the President of India for his honest approach to educate India.

He is the inspiration of many and wanted to become a teacher under his shadow. He is one but has the quality of many great persons that make him really a great teacher.

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