The wonder of Science Essay for Children and Students | Short Essay on Science in 2022

 The Wonder of Science Essay for Children and Students

1. 10 Lines on Wonder of Science Essay

1.We can’t imagine our lives without science.

2.Science has given us everything of ease and comfort.

3.Electricity is a wonderful invention that keeps our houses bright.

4.Mobile phones have decreased the distance between two people living opposite 1000 km.

5.The invention of buses, trains and aeroplanes have saved our time a lot.

6.The invention of the internet has connected people globally.

7.The computer has made many tasks easy and is commonly found in banks, railway stations, government offices, shops, etc.

8. Medical science has also surprised us by inventing the medicine of deadly diseases.

9.The invention of satellites has made the broadcasting field very strong.

10.The science can also take our life if it is not used in positive ways.

The wonder of Science Essay 500+ Words

2. Introduction: Wonder of Science Essay

Science has completely dominated our lives today. We are surrounded by science from every corner. From good morning to good night, we use the invention of science. A day without science is a day wasted.

We search our phones after leaving the bed. We check all the messages, emails, transactions and many others. Science has completed transformed our lives. It has made thousands and lakhs km zero.

Science has disrupted many old and traditional ways of working. The letter has been disrupted by emails and WhatsApp messages. The diaries, notebooks and blackboard have been replaced by digital note pad and digital boards respectively.

All the traditional shops are helpless to be closed due to the e-commerce platform of shopping. In the future, the cars will be replaced by the passenger’s drones.

3.The Wonderful inventions of science

3.1 Electricity: 

Electricity is the crucial invention of THE great scientist Thomas Alva Edison who completely lightened the world. Electricity is the basic requirement to set up and start an industry, to run trains and many mills. It also keeps very important for every house in the cities and villages both.

3.2 Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones have become the essential requirement of a human being after food. It has also decreased the distance between two relations. Mobile phones have completely replaced the slow letter and the tired postman. People get connected easily to share their feelings.

3.3 The Means of Transport:

In ancient times, people were afraid of going on religious journeys because the return was insecure. But, we have the fastest bullet train on the ground and aeroplane in the air today which completely makes us comfortable to travel.

3.4 Computer

The computer has brought a revolution in IT Sector. It has made the world very small today. You can automate your business with the help of a single laptop. The computer has made banking transactions very easy and comfortable today.

3.5 Internet:

The Internet is the wonderful discovery of scientists. It has connected the people globally. It brings any small or big information very easily and comfortably.

3.6 Medicines and Surgery:

The medical sciences have proven their strength in the previous two decades. We have the treatment of deadly diseases today. The difficult surgery is also possible because of advancement in Medical Sciences.

3.7 Agriculture:

The agriculture sector is booming. Farming has also become a very profitable business today. The farmers use new methods of farming with the help of new technologies introduced by scientists.

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 4. Disadvantages of Science

Science has always been a boon for us if it is used for positive purposes. It sometimes becomes a curse too because of our own mistakes. The increasing number of mobile phones has raised many serious issues.

It kills the birds and is also the cause of many deadly diseases. The increasing number of bikes and cars release harmful gases that cause pollution. The use of fertilization for increasing production makes the soil unfertile.

5. Conclusion: How to Control Disadvantages of Science

The inventions of science must be used in the right direction to save mankind lifelong. Electric bikes and cars must be launched to triumph over pollution. The industries should be notified to flow only neutral garbage into the river.

The use of mobiles, computers and other wave generating devices should be limited in use. The tower provider companies should install towers following major precautions.

Life is ours we have to think about it. We should always be devoted to plant trees and participate in a green revolution.

“The Saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

     Isaac Asimov

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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.What is a wonder of science?

Science has brought new hope in every sector. With the advancement in science, human beings are living the more comfortable and luxurious life. The most difficult and lengthy work is now in the automated mode because of technological advancement provided by science.

Q. How do you write a science essay?

Writing a science essay is a very easy task. Below are some tips that can help you in writing a science essay.

a.Write introduction
b. Mention some great inventions of science with a little explanation
c. Write some advantages of science
d. Write some disadvantages of science
e. keep the language easy, understandable and engaging

Q.What is the greatest wonder of science?

Internet is one of the greatest wonders on the part of science. It has connected the people globally and completely changed the traditional way of working and marketing.

Q.What are the seven wonders of Science?

a.The invention of the mobile phone
b. The invention of motorbike
c. The invention of computer
d. The discovery of electrical energy
e. The discovery of solar energy
f. The discovery of medicine and drugs
g.the invention of airbus

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